Epsom Salt - Instant Relief From Chemtrail Toxins


For those of you with the chemtrail blues, an Epsom salt bath can provide much relief.  After being rained upon with toxic aluminum, barium, and strontium during the day, you may feel symptoms including lethargy, unclean skin and hair, muscle weakness and extreme dryness in the nose.


Aluminum and barium are highly toxic substances and are the primary ingredients used in geoengineering.  Aluminum has been linked to many serious illnesses that have been increasingly plaguing the nation for the past decade.  Some of the aluminum related illnesses that have started to claim the health of more and more Americans are Alzheimer's disease, autism, and asthma.  Barium causes the inactivation and decay of potassium in the body.  The extreme fatigue, lack of energy, and feeling like you need to pass out that happens on spray days is a result

of this.  Potassium deficiency also causes muscle weakness and headache, two other symptoms of chemtrail poisoning.


Your body is a temple, and taking an Epsom salt bath is a chance to sooth yourself and to forget the day's chemtrails.  While you are removing these unwelcome elements from the body, you are also taking in a healthy dose of magnesium.  Epsom salts are made from magnesium sulfate, which is an excellent supplement to block aluminum in the body.  If you are experiencing discomfort in the muscles, the bath will help with that too.  After taking an Epsom salt bath, you'll find that you feel a lot healthier.

The bath also helps with the dryness in the nose.  Often chemtrail days are accompanied by allergies as well.  Try to make the bath as hot as is comfortable, soak for 15 minutes, and you will notice the humidifying effect soothing the nose and throat.  Aluminum is extremely drying and is used in weather modification to prevent rain.


While soaking, notice the toxins leaving the body.  It is helpful to think about what is happening and be aware of the cleansing effects of the Epsom salts.  The mind is a very powerful thing.  Sometimes a health problem seems to diminish as soon as your doctor tells you what it is and you take your first dose of medicine.  Another encouraging part of the mind’s effect on the body’s health is that the people that I know that are aware of geoengineering seem exempt from its mind controlling effects.  The next step is freeing ourselves from its health effects.


Nature has a cure for everything, even chemtrails!

Originally published on Somewhere Under the Chembow,

Oct. 6, 2013

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