Ken Rohla Discusses Zeolite & Scalar Energy



Ken Rohla is an electrical engineer and scalar energy expert.  He has found that

through the use of orgone or scalar energy, chemtrails can literally be removed

from the sky.  As strange as it sounds, this has been observed by many people, including myself.  I finally had to make my own orgonite to see these results and get the proof that I needed.  Orgonite not only removes chemtrails from the sky above your home, but also neutralizes harmful EMF radiation, improving your mental and physical health.


This all may sound like a bunch of "woo woo new age nonsense," to quote Mr. Rohla, but fortunately Ken Rohla is a scientist, so he offers a great explanation of how this works from a scientific perspective.  In this in-depth video, he gives practical advise on dealing with chemtrails and how to fight these heavy metals in our sky and in our bodies.

He explains how the mineral zeolite can be used to remove heavy metals and radiation from the body and how to use microbes in your garden to deal with the pollutants that have fallen into the soil.  By using Ken Rohla's techniques, we will be able to survive the daily chemical assaults until we finally have enough numbers to stop them altogether.

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