Frequency Wars & the Orgone Energy Solution, Sharon Daphna and Gabriel Lazar with Rosanne Lindsay

Nature of Healing - Jan 3, 2019

4G and 5G frequencies are deadly energies that are being deployed for weather control and mind control. Communication is secondary. Negative effects to cognition and the mind have been known since the deployment of 2G over twenty years ago. The military uses these energies as crowd dispersal weaponry called Active Denial System.

In 2014, Sharon Daphna and her partner, Gabriel Lazar discovered that orgone energy was the solution to ending the geoengineered skies overhead and dampen the 4G & 5G EMF, based on the work of Wilhelm Reich.

Helping Gaia and Communities with Orgonite and Earth Pipes, With Sharon Daphna

With Denice Garrou - March 22, 2018

Sharon Daphna is back with orgonite and EMF, updates! It is time to get rid of that phone, how to protect your home from EMF and your own body. How to make your own Earth Pipe to assist Gaia and your own home and community. Using scalar, prana, Reiki, God-dess conscious energy to heal our world and ourselves.

Chemtrails, Orgonite with Sharon Daphna part 2

Denice Garrou & Zak Alu - Nov. 19, 2017

Part 2 of the interview with Denice & Zak. I give you everything you need to know to clean up your home and your world. Explore my website to learn how to make orgonite and remove DOR sources from your life.

Chemtrails, From Outer Space, & Orgonite with Sharon Daphna part 1

Denice Garrou & Zak Alu - Nov. 18, 2017

Denice & Zak ask all the right questions to learn more about the extra-dimensional aspects of geoengineering. Learn the true nature of chemtrails, and how easy it is to remove them from the atmosphere and live a healthy life on Earth! The parasitic entities that have been feeding off our energy for eons are now being sent back to where they came from along with the chemtrail toxins.

Sharon Daphna Fighting the Weather War With Orgone Energy

Truth Be Told - Feb. 12, 2017

Sharon Daphna has been fighting against chemtrails and at the Conscious Live Expo 2017, she sat down with us to give us the latest in her fight to save us and the planet.

The Lip TV - Sept. 9, 2016

Chemtrail busting, orgone energy, alien and government conspiracies of weather wars, and the persecution of Wilhelm Reich are explored with Sharon Daphna. Chemtrails and contrail differences are laid out, and what people can do to disrupt atmospheric negative energy is explained. How heavy metals and strange additional ingredients are mysteriously used, and the long, strange history of weather wars by visitors is detailed in this uncensored Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

5D Event - April 8, 2016

In this talk, I discuss the invisible war on humanity and how to win it. Through working with orgone energy, we can rediscover our power and who we really are. Everything you see in the sky is a reflection of your consciousness. I show how you can access your own life force energy, orgone, to clean geoengineering aerosols out of the sky, neutralize EMF in your home, and what you can do to eliminate EMF sources from your life. This war is actually a consciousness battle, and by understanding the energetic nature of the war, we can overcome the mind control and programming we have lived with for aeons.

UBN Radio TV - Aug. 16, 2016

I was called to be a newswoman and a yenta with the hosts of Truth Be Told on UBN, which was a lot of fun.  We talk about some things you don’t usually hear me talk about, but I also had a chance to talk a little about the air pollution and drought propaganda.  I found the globalist think tank which is behind the corporate UN agenda to monopolize the world’s water supply, and exposed this to the listeners.

Feb. 28, 2016

Esoteric Truth Radio with your host Trinity and special guest Sharon Daphna of Discussion includes chemtrails, orgone, EMF, and how to win a "bloodless revolution".

Sept. 27, 2015

This groundbreaking panel was the first of its kind. At the 5D Event in Sept. 2015, I gathered experts John Robson, Harold Lunt, and Gabriel Lazar, on orgone energy and orgonite gifting to share experiences on how it works and what they have seen in the environment, the home, and the community from distributing the devices.  All of us have experienced the life changing effect of working with the life force energy.

1680 AM Fresno, CA - Sept. 2, 2015

Susan Kornacki, my co-host on The Activation Hour for the new and I are interviewed on Weaponized News. We talk about our new show, merging health, science, technology, and spirituality. We also discuss orgone energy and freeing ourselves from globalized tyranny and breaking out of the matrix.

July 11, 2015

Victoria Vives Khuong interview with the uplifting solution to chemtrails and EMF, orgone energy. We talked about orgonite and how everyone can use this free energy to end the environmental and health assaults of geoengineering and electromagnetic pollution. This is also the key to unlocking the suppressed human consciousness!

April 28, 2015

Live interview with Coast to Coast's Jimmy Church on his show Fade to Black.  Dean Ryan (Natural News, Coast to Coast, Infowars) starts out with current events, then we turn to geoengineering, GMOs, EMF, and orgone energy.

UBN Radio TV - April 17, 2015

On air appearance with hosts Tony Sweet and Walt Lusk with Gabe to discuss geoengineering and solutions to the problem.

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