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This powerful orgone device features a large piece of green calcite at the top, with a copper SBB coil stretched around it. The top of each set of "stairs" has a small blue calcite piece, with brass shavings cascading downward, merging with the other metals. The next level down features a thick layer of fine antique brass shavings, and an orange calcite stone in each corner. There is a sprinkling of iron filings between metal layers. The bottom level contains layers of brass shavings, and each corner contains a thick copper-wrapped quartz point, flanked by green kyanite blades. The very bottom features a layer of aluminum shavings, shungite chunks, blue kyanite blades, and powdered selenite. All materials are cast in a clear resin. It generates orgone energy to help in sleep, relaxation, meditation, and to simply create a peaceful atmosphere in your home. The large pyramids are our most powerful devices, giving whole house protection from EMF, and helping to remove air pollution in and around the home.


Approx. dimensions: 6.5" wide, 3" tall, 26 oz in volume


*** DESIGNED FOR INDOOR USE. If left in excessive sun and moisture, the resin will yellow over time and show visible wear. The functionality is not affected. ***

"Super Calcite" Mayan Orgonite Pyramid

  • Request a cancellation within 24 hours of purchase for a refund minus processing fees. For returns, contact us within 14 days of delivery for instructions. Items must be returned in new condition to receive a refund. Shipping costs and processing fees are non-refundable.

  • We ship by USPS. Orders ship within 3 business days, weather permitting. All domestic packages include tracking and insurance. Signature confirmation is included on domestic orders over $100 unless waived by request. It is the customer’s responsibility to follow up with USPS regarding lost packages and insurance claims. Customers outside of the US, we cannot guarantee specific arrival dates, only shipping dates, as all postal systems have their own procedures for processing international mail.

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