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4D Consciousness: Are Humans Ready?

April 30, 2021


Many people are talking about higher dimensional consciousness coming soon for humans. This idea gives people hope to carry on through changes in our world they never thought they would have to live through. The thought that we could elevate above the madness of our unbalanced and diseased world gives us strength to navigate “society,” while inwardly, we feel like we’re no longer a part of it. So are we actually attaining a higher level of consciousness through this tribulation?


We know there is some connection between the different hardships we now face and that everything seems to be aimed at decreasing human well-being, health, and consciousness. We’re being introduced to new and more harmful poisons and we’re told these are safe for us and will actually improve our lives. Two poisons that people are discussing are the Covid-19 injection and the updated frequency weapon grid (5G). To the general public, these are known as a vaccine and improved phone service. There is something about knowledge that gives us a feeling of higher consciousness. But being educated alone will not propel you past the burden of physical existence. You can’t actually think your way out of this one. You have to empty your mind of any preconceived notions about higher levels of existence because you can’t possibly understand anything that is beyond your perceptive ability.


I attended a conference called the 5D Event years ago. It was about consciousness and health. I have heard people say we are entering the fifth dimension. Some say we’re already there. But if we live in linear time, that would make us 3rd dimensional because the 4th dimension is time. So how can we be in the 5th dimension if we aren’t yet in the 4th? In order to move into 4D consciousness, you have to have overcome your illusion of linear time. This means that we are all still definitely in the 3rd dimension. There is potential to attain 4th dimensional consciousness in this lifetime if we can free ourselves of several delusions which are all part of the greater illusion we all live.


1. Free Will


If you truly understand that linear time is an illusion, this forces you to give up your idea that you have any choice or ability to influence the future. The future exists at the same time as the present in a dimension where one can “time travel.” You may feel like you’re making a decision in the moment, but in the end, your action can’t be undone. When the Buddhists talk about karma, they are not talking about the results of your action. That is a western idea. Karma is the action itself. Action and result are one when we don’t live in linear time.


2. Self-Determination


We can’t “make something of ourselves.” There are no “self-made men.” We are riding a wave we can’t control and it only goes in one direction. There is no delete key or recycle bin if we change our minds. We were made the way we were made by something we can’t control. Now we need to go where life takes us, taking the most harmonious path we can and doing our best. But we can’t decide our fate for ourselves. Even billionaires die in plane crashes.


3. Knowing the Right Thing to do


A big part of 4D consciousness is letting go of control. This does not mean becoming lazy. It means taking control of your mind and forgetting about the things you can’t do anything about. We all feel the need to be in control of our lives, but when you remove the illusion of time, you see that is impossible. The only thing we can control is our consciousness. We can be in a positive or negative frame of mind with every gradation in between. It is up to us to remove negative influences so we can “do the right thing” naturally. This is the only choice we actually have. We also have to be willing to let go of the idea that we know what the right thing is. This truth is beyond our ability to determine, as our lives have already been lived when we’re in 4D consciousness. We need to look to a higher power for answers and not try to mold situations to our will. Being self-serving won’t accomplish any goal.


4. Sovereignty


We can’t be sovereign because that means a ruler. There is no way in reality that billions of people can be sovereigns. That would be chaos, and it is. Billions of little sovereigns putting their ideas together has resulted in democracy, which doesn’t stop criminals from taking office. Us trying to rule ourselves is the problem. But people are so depraved, they need a government, right? No, we don’t, but we can’t govern ourselves. This is where faith comes in. Faith is essential to achieve 4D consciousness. We have to give up on the idea that we can rule ourselves because our lives are not in our control. Only our minds are. God controls everything in nature, except our minds, which we were actually given “free will” over. You can think of God as the cosmic force of creation if the religion you grew up with distorted the meaning of God and turned you off to the idea of submitting to a higher power.


If you think you rule yourself in your mind, that doesn’t make it so. Our system of government is imagined by men and the laws often make no sense. The laws of nature which you can’t do anything about do make sense. We also need to let go of the idea that we can improve upon our own rules and continue to govern ourselves. Even if government were abolished, we could still not make our own rules because there are too many forces beyond our control. Anarchy is a delusion and so is human sovereignty. Anarchy is a delusion of 3D, politically minded men who want power, fame, and money. Sovereignty is a buzzword thrown around in the New Age movement by people who don’t know its definition (and want power, fame, and money). Freedom and sovereignty are two different things. Once again, faith is necessary if you are ready to give in to forces beyond your control and reap the benefits you can’t yet imagine.


5. 3D Explanations


The mainstream media has a 3D explanation for everything. So does the church. Science and religion have already figured everything out. Established culture needs to sustain itself by eliminating possibilities. Our society is so limiting that if you start to evolve consciously, you will be attacked. If they can’t bring you back down to their level, they will ostracize you.


You have to be willing to sense non-physical phenomena that affect physical world results. This means not requiring a physical explanation for things that have an energetic explanation. If you are ready for 4D consciousness, you’re ready to hear the “off the wall” things that people delving into higher realms have gleaned. We might not be able to explain everything perfectly because we are still living in the 3rd dimension, but we’re open to higher dimensional explanations for things seen in the 3D. This is how we view “chemtrails,” for example. Many people think they are being “sprayed” because that’s what it looks like to 3D people. On a higher level, the appearance of chemtrails is a physical manifestation of an energetic phenomenon. It is the deadly energy in the sky allowing them to be seen, but when OR takes over in the atmosphere, the chemtrails disappear.


4D consciousness takes sensing on a higher level and improving your already working senses. Learning to see orgone energy building clouds and repelling air pollution are a physical world way of learning about an invisible energy in our atmosphere. Eventually, you will even be able to feel orgone energy in your body to know it’s there, even if science doesn’t like to acknowledge phenomena that require advanced senses to perceive. It is in the interest of established culture that we don’t think higher than Earthly existence because many entities would lose their control over us.


Human "sovereigns"

Accessing 4D Consciousness


Attaining higher consciousness means first and foremost, acknowledging the possibility. In Kate Bush’s song about Wilhelm Reich called “Cloudbusting,” she says, “just saying it could even make it happen.” It is about faith. Wilhelm Reich understood the cosmic orgone energy and had faith that it would bring rain, and it did. Everyone who has successfully gifted orgonite and seen the real world results has had to have faith to be able to see something new. Otherwise the rain resulting from gifting is just one crazy coincidence after another. Sometimes if you don’t believe something exists, it is impossible to see it. But if you let go of beliefs and open your mind to what could happen, amazing things are possible.


Orgone energy (life force energy, Holy Spirit, chi) is the key to opening human consciousness. Accessing orgone energy forces you to let go and give in to the natural flow. People who are parasitically infected hate orgone energy because it removes their control over their physical bodies. It creates involuntary physical and emotional responses, which feel good. They don’t want these involuntary responses. They don’t want to feel good and they don’t want you to either. Wilhelm Reich called them armored organisms. These organisms’ natural orgone energy is contracted and stagnant, resulting in disease. The unarmored organism has a moving, healthy orgone energy, and their body is equipped to fight disease. They are also happier. But they have let go of the need to control everything, or they never had it to begin with. Armored organisms have been ruling this world for a long time, and they seek to suppress what is natural in all of us. Letting go of this restrictive culture and its suppression of our natural bodies and minds is essential to attaining higher consciousness, and that is exactly what they don’t want.


4D consciousness destroys a world where parasitic governments rule over hapless slaves, who put that government into power through their own ignorance of the trick being played. 4D consciousness would bankrupt many companies that rely on your low state of consciousness to stay in business. What would happen to the telecommunications industry if everyone figured out that their cell phones were killing them? They would lose billions of customers. But this war on consciousness goes far beyond money. The resources that the parasites mine are human resources. They need your mind and soul.


The very act of recognizing that there is a higher way of doing things is the first step toward higher consciousness. 4D consciousness removes mind control, but you first have to overcome mind control to attain 4D consciousness! This act takes you out of the linear time continuum. Humans are ready for 4D consciousness if they can make a few changes in thinking. The hardest one is submitting to a higher power. Losing the delusion of free will is the next challenge. Amazingly, when you let go of the false idea of control, things fall into place more simply than ever before. 4D consciousness puts God back in charge, and who better to see you through to the 5D and beyond?

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