Orgonite Myths Debunked

May 29, 2018

Most people have never heard of orgonite, let alone orgone energy, the life force energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. At the time of his scientific discovery, the existence of this energy had already been known by cultures who understood that there was a life force energy throughout us and the universe known by other names, such as chi or prana. Wilhelm Reich used orgone energy in cancer treatment, atmospheric cleaning, and drought abatement with great success. This energy has been suppressed for decades by the false rulers because of its great ability to improve human life.

Chemtrail Myths Debunked

February, 2018

Chemtrails were the big craze of 2012 according to the online comedy group, Joycamp, based out of Los Angeles. For those of us who have been making and distributing orgonite for the past few years in Southern California and beyond, effectively clearing chemtrails for thousands of miles, it’s amusing to hear others confirming that the chemtrail problem is a thing of the past. In Los Angeles, the sky has been consistently healthy even despite recent attacks on the orgone energy grid in California, namely the destruction of huge areas of Ventura County by fires, which not only took many homes, but also large areas of natural spaces and orgone energy devices placed strategically in the area from 2014-2016.

Orgone Energy: Suppressed Science Revealed

February 2017

An awakening for humanity has been underway for many years, even longer than any of us have been alive.  As beneficial discoveries in science are made and hidden truths about our nature and our world are revealed, the parasitic world order goes to great lengths to suppress these discoveries and create confusing counter-narratives to further obscure the findings.  It’s now common knowledge that when someone finds cures for “incurable” diseases or discovers a way we can provide free electricity for our homes, their work is suppressed and they may even die mysteriously.

March 3, 2018

Mother Nature always straightens things out. They used attacks during the fall and winter to deplete our human resources (orgone energy), but we’re getting healthier and stronger all the time, and are seeing 7-10 feet of snow in California’s mountains this week, and rain throughout the state! Since they work with the frequency of fear, we will always win because we work with the frequency of love. Everything in our world can be broken down into dualism, since we are currently “trapped” in the third dimension. Orgone energy, the life force, equates to love, and DOR, the immobilized life force, the energy of death, equates to fear. You have life and you have death and the projection from your mind is what creates your world.

Overcoming Mind Control Means Recognizing It First

August 2017

Mind control is a topic that is gaining increased attention in the independent media. There are websites and YouTube channels devoted to exposing mind control in Hollywood, and because of the fascination with celebrities and the veils of illusion beginning to lift, exposing the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry, these sites and videos are becoming increasingly popular and videos on the topic are going viral. Considering how the parasitic agenda is perpetrated through media programming, one must wonder how come celebrities continue to promote harmful and amoral ideas to corrupt the minds of the masses.

Why Do We Blame It on the Rain?

April 29, 2019

People often think of rain as being depressing weather and attribute their malaise to dark days or seasonal effective disorder. It’s true that darker and gloomier places breed depression, drug abuse, crime, murder and suicide, but these problems also happen in sunny places. So what is it about rain and gloomy weather that makes people feel so bad? Without rain we can’t live and nothing grows. When we don’t get enough rain, people complain about drought. When we get abundant rain, people complain that the weather is “unpleasant,” as if we should base our happiness on an external circumstance that we can’t control anyway. Heavy rain is reported in an apocalyptic manner by the news, but so is a lack of rain. In the world of YouTube junk, conspiracy channels describe every type of weather as warfare being “done to us” by someone, they say the government. Is it not possible that weather is a force that is built into the workings of this Earth, or that not everything weather does is bad?

Orgone Energy and Our Perception of Sound

April 10, 2019

We live in a noisy world. There are many sources of life negating sounds. People are desensitized to abrasive noise and treat you like you’re weak and “sensitive” if it bothers you and you desire peace and quiet. In actuality, they are the ones with a problem and they enable the problem to continue by being apathetic. They allow their parasitic controllers to dictate their ability to rest, relax, concentrate, or simply exist. It’s the same as how they can eat McDonalds, which would send me to the emergency room, and how they can live in a head crushing DOR environment, while my head hurts after a few minutes of using a smart phone. There is really nothing we can do about neutralizing life negating sound, since it’s completely accepted. Or is there?

Electromagnetic Fields, Mind Control, and the Impact of Consciousness On the External World

December 6, 2016

​For the past few days, the mornings have started with chemtrails a la 2011.  It’s been dreary, polluted, and not at all what would have been expected following the massive breaking down of the Northwest Frequency Fence.  Last month’s 500 towerbuster gifting of Northern California, Oregon, and the in depth gifting of Portland, unleashed a torrent of rain and snow from Canada to Baja California, and no one was left out from receiving precipitation.  The skies in Oregon turned from the flat grey caused by the continuous bombardment of the atmosphere with positively ionizing deadly radiation, to clean blue orgonite skies with defined clouds.

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