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Team Chembow’s Guide to Orgonite Gifting


Welcome to the exciting world of orgonite gifting! With these simple instructions, you can learn how to best place your orgonite pieces in the environment to neutralize cell phone towers in your area. These tips will help save you time and money as well as get you the most out of your orgonite.




1) Familiarize yourself with orgonite and how it works. Experience orgone energy in your life and in your home first. Make or buy some orgonite and see how it affects your mood, sleep, concentration, and relaxation in your home. You can also watch what it does to clouds and air pollution in the sky around your home, and even observe changes in your neighbors’ or housemates’ behavior.


2) Familiarize yourself with the appearance of cell phone towers. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are disguised as trees, but most are easily recognized masts with panels. They are sometimes hidden in other types of structures like a bell

tower, or are contained within monopoles. High density urban areas like downtowns tend to favor panels on building tops and facades, sometimes painted for camouflage. Sometimes panels are added to already existing structures like water towers. You will have to be able to spot these devices from the ground, and perhaps far away.


3) Silence is golden. Do not unnecessarily call attention to your plans. If you are on social media, don’t go blabbing about where you’re going to gift or when. Likewise, phone discussions on the topic should be avoided. Don’t go to websites that offer maps or other information on where towers are. It’s better to avoid any possibility of anyone finding out where you’ve hidden the orgonite or even that you’ve done it at all.


4) We recommend gifting alone, or with someone you know and trust very well. All cell phones should be turned off, not airplane mode, or left at home if possible. If you’d like to have it with you in case of an emergency, it’s best to wrap in foil in addition to keeping it turned off until you’re done gifting.


5) Gifting can be done on any scale. If you’re planning a larger scale gifting (more than 20 TBs or so), plan to be out for most of the day. Bring water, maps, snacks (or proper lunches), and anything else you might need while you’re out and about. Utility gloves and a spade are also good things to have with you in order to protect your hands and make your job easier.




1) You can hide orgonite under the ground, in a bush or foliage, or any other hiding place near a cell tower. You can also gift places that are not cell towers, but where you feel the orgone energy increase is needed, such as hospitals (which often have cell panels anyway), prisons, bodies of water, or a nasty neighbor’s house (the positive energy will either make them improve their attitude or move out!).


2) Gifting by car and throwing the orgonite into nearby bushes is the most efficient and unnoticeable way of gifting. It helps to have two people, one to drive and one to throw. You can drive on highways and throw as you go. In the city, you’ll be pulling over a lot more and the easiest way to gift is to take a parking space somewhere near a bush. If you are gifting in a dense urban area, we recommend doing so by bicycle or on foot, as driving and parking will be difficult. Cell phone towers have a habit of revealing themselves to the gifter quite suddenly, and this allows for greater mobility.


3)  In addition to keeping your cell phone off we recommend not using GPS. Plan your route ahead of time and use paper maps if you need directions while gifting.


4) The purchase of a succor punch is highly recommended to help hide your location. The succor punch is a small device with a large terminated quartz crystal which puts out a signal that scrambles tracking signals. You can purchase one at (We have had good results using the succor punch, but we do not endorse the information on orgonite and orgone energy provided by


5) One 3 oz. TB placed within a quarter mile of any cell phone tower will neutralize it by restructuring the electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by the tower, and makes it less harmful. It’s tempting to hide the TB as close to the tower as possible, but if there is a better hiding place a little farther away, as long as you are within about a quarter mile of the tower, the orgonite will do its job.


6) One single TB can neutralize a cluster of up to three towers. This is an effective saver of both time and “ammo.” Clusters of more than three should get two TBs spaced a bit apart from each other. Groups of more than three towers are rare, but they are more often seen on hilltops and mountaintops. The object is to create a counter grid of OR to oppose the DOR grid of the towers.


7) We are ardent proponents of “gifting on the sly.” The quicker the better. Most of the time, a gifting can be done in a few seconds, especially when placed in foliage. Most people are staring at their phones, so don’t worry too much about being seen. Be prepared to make adjustments on the fly. If one place is too difficult, move on to a different location. When gifting in foliage, don’t use anything is excessively manicured or could get dug up. Opt for thick and hardy evergreen plants like juniper, rosemary, thick hedges, etc. where the TB won’t be seen and will stay in place. Wear garden gloves to protect your hands from cuts and insect bites.


8) Towers will sometimes have security cameras nearby, typically the dark globe set in a white cylinder. Keep an eye out for these, and avoid making an appearance and giving away your gifting location. Remember the quarter mile rule and that it’s OK to gift a little further away from the tower.

9) Don’t be frustrated if you can’t get to every tower. There are literally thousands of towers in every state and province of every country in the world. This huge array can only be taken down piece by piece, and it is inevitable that you will see towers that will have to wait until the next gifting, such as high mountaintop arrays. Make a note of any unbusted towers. There’s always more gifting to be done. It’s a good idea to mark your map with a highlighter to keep track of the roads you’ve gifted so you can get to new places next time.




1) Sometimes after gifting, the skies may look “worse” and appear to have more air pollution. The energy shift that takes place when you gift creates a reaction in clouds and particulates in the sky. It is normal to see more cloud cover after gifting since OR promotes clouds and rainfall. If the clouds are flat, they are in the beginning stages of transmutation. Watch them gain definition throughout the day and eventually evaporate. You will be left with clear skies after the process is done. This process will repeat from day to day, but now that your orgonite is in place, rest assured that any deadly energy flattening out your clouds and holding in air pollution will be overtaken by OR every time. Your weather will be natural. You’ll have sunshine and rain alternating, but don’t be discouraged when the process of transmutation repeats. This is how weather works.


2) One of the wonderful things about orgonite gifting is seeing beautiful cloud types, including lenticular clouds (rounded, UFO shaped), towering cumulus clouds, or even the more subtle types, like what they call a “mackerel sky” (like bubble wrap) or what they call “cirrus clouds” (wispy, spiraling OR clouds). You may see ripples throughout the clouds, which start out very fine and become wider as the clouds form out of the newly freed water vapor in the sky. The sunsets can be especially spectacular. You may see bright orange and red clouds during a strong energetic shift if you’re lucky to get it at sunset. Every time of day and season offers beautiful cloud watching for the orgonite gifter.


3) Besides watching the clouds, also watch planes in the sky. Some will have trails, but you’ll see many without them. The trails that are left behind the plane, even long ones, will break up. Sometimes they will twist. This is the upward spiraling action of OR on water vapor and particulate matter in the atmosphere. Watch for planes flashing and trails disappearing. Watch for curving trails, and even sudden hard angles during flight. This is the OR disrupting them and ridding the sky of the energetic grid by which they travel using DOR. The trails will take on a more puffy appearance and will look less flat as each day’s transmutation progresses.


4) Take sky pictures to document your gifting experience. Avoid revealing exact towers you’ve gifted by keeping them out of the photos. If you take regular photos, you’ll start to see the pattern that happens every time you gift, and you’ll see the process of transmutation taking place day after day in your newly busted location. You can compare your photos to ours at our blog:


5) Take time to relax, have a good meal, read or watch something enjoyable. Reward yourself for gifting by treating yourself well. If you can, relax without cell phones and wireless internet. An energetically quiet space is very healing to the gifter. If you feel unwell mentally, physically, or spiritually, that means you need to turn off your phone and wifi. The DOR they emit is the opposite of orgone energy and is contrary to your own powerful orgone energy field. If you’ve already turned them off and you still feel unwell, you can try grounding (standing barefoot on the earth) to ground out excess electrons you may have accumulated while getting up close to the towers, or you can take an Epsom salt bath. Avoiding negative media is also very important. No mainstream news or YouTube junk! This is your time to feel the positive effects and know that all that negativity is obliterated, one orgonite gift at a time.


Orgonite gifting is an empowering journey, and it is completely unique to each individual. Above all, the experience should be enjoyable, fun, and if done right, you’ll be eagerly awaiting your next excursion.


So get some TBs, go out there, and start gifting!

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