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Welcome to the exciting world of orgonite gifting! Orgonite gifting is the act of distributing orgonite into the environment, to be left on their own to work perpetually and indefinitely. This may be done either for the purpose of negating specific harmful energy arrays (cell phone towers, weather balls etc.), or for gridding areas. If you are serious about this undertaking, you should be familiar with orgone energy, orgonite, and their undeniable positive effects on all living things. Due to the nature of orgone energy and the parasitic structures that it upends, we have compiled this list of instructions to keep you and your gifts safe. These are not suggestions, but rather should be adhered to in order to get the best results out of your orgonite, and to feel good while gifting.




1) Every orgonite gifter is facing the enemy. We are quite literally living in war times, and the fact that this war is on an etheric level does not diminish the severity of it. The New Age movement in particular has a difficult time coming to grips with this reality. If we are to improve this world, we must face the darkness, rather than ignoring it by hiding behind “love and light.” Remember, orgone energy systematically dismantles all that the parasites have been using to feed off of this planet for millennia. Therefore, make no mistake about it: if you choose to participate in orgonite gifting, you WILL face opposition, before, during, and after. If you are not prepared for this, you may wish to table this endeavor for another time.


2) Familiarize yourself with orgonite and how it works. You need to have had some time to experience orgone energy in your life and in your home before you try and change the world.


3) Familiarize yourself with the appearance of cell phone towers. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are disguised as trees, but most are easily recognized masts with panels. They are sometimes hidden in other types of structures like a bell tower, or are contained within monopoles. High density urban areas tend to favor panels on building tops and facades, sometimes painted for camouflage. Sometimes panels are added to already existing structures like water towers. You will have to be able to spot these devices from the ground, and perhaps far away.


4) We sell many kinds of orgonite, but we always encourage people to make their own. Beautiful decorative orgonite is all well and good, but for gifting, you want cheap. Tactical orgonite (towerbusters) should be made with the cheapest resin possible like bondo, rough quartz (doesn’t need to be pretty, and you can even use dust or fragments), and the finest metal shavings possible. 3 oz. silicone muffin molds are ideal, and should be packed full of metals. TBs are not made for looks, just function.


5) Silence is golden. Do not unnecessarily call attention to your plans. If you are on social media, don’t go blabbing about where you’re going to gift or when. Likewise, phone discussions on the topic should be avoided. Don’t go to websites that offer maps or other information on where towers are. The less opportunities there are for the enemy to run interference the better.


6) Due to the pervasive nature of mind control, we recommend gifting alone, or with someone you know and trust very well. All cell phones must be turned off and wrapped in aluminum foil (see #2 of next section).


7) Gifting can be done on any scale. If you’re planning a larger scale gifting (more than 20 TBs or so), plan to be out for most of the day. Bring water, maps, snacks (or proper lunches), and anything else you might need while you’re out and about. Utility gloves and a spade are also good things to have with you in order to protect your hands and make your job easier.




1) If you are gifting in a dense urban area, we recommend doing so by bicycle or on foot, as driving and parking will be difficult. Cell phone towers have a habit of revealing themselves to the gifter quite suddenly, and this allows a faster reaction and better access to alleys and hidden areas. Gifting from a car in the city is fine, so long as you are quick and discreet. On freeways and in open areas, throwing orgonite from the car into bushes and thick foliage is the best and fastest way to gift. It helps to have two people, one to drive and one to throw.


2) Cell phones are designed for mind control. Therefore, they must ALWAYS be turned off (not put on “airplane mode”…TURNED OFF. Period!), and wrapped in aluminum foil for the entirety of your gifting trip. Cell phones are always sending out mind control signals and location data, even when they are off. Likewise, any other tracking devices (especially GPS) should be turned off, or left at home entirely. Maps are an excellent substitution for GPS, in that they will never reveal your location, your desired location, or intentionally lead you astray.


3) For the serious gifter, purchase of a succor punch is highly recommended. The succor punch is a small device with a large terminated quartz which puts out a signal that scrambles surveillance and hides your location. You can purchase one at for from $100-150. (We have confirmed that the succor punch is an effective energy device, but we do not endorse the information on orgonite and orgone energy provided by


4) One 3 oz. TB placed within a quarter mile of any cell phone tower will neutralize it by restructuring the electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by the tower, and make it less harmful. The orgonite will generate orgone energy (OR) continuously, and is all the more powerful when agitated by a nearby source of deadly orgone radiation (DOR). This transmutation is the desired outcome of orgonite gifting. Also, orgonite will work just as well buried as if it’s put in a thick bush, for example. So when deciding on a location for tossing or burying your orgonite, it’s tempting to automatically default to the closest possible location. But often there may be a more hidden or less obvious spot farther away. As long as you are within approximately a quarter mile of the tower, it will be neutralized. There is no sense risking a potential “unbusting” for the sake of a few feet. One single TB can neutralize a cluster of up to three towers. This is an effective saver of both time and “ammo.” Clusters of more than three should get two TBs spaced a bit apart from each other but fortunately, groups of more than three are rare. The object is to create a counter grid of OR to oppose the DOR grid of the towers.


5) We are ardent proponents of “gifting on the sly.” This can be more difficult in cities than it is in the countryside. When gifting in the city, great care must be taken to leave TBs in a location where they are most likely to stay put. A piece left in an exposed or otherwise vulnerable location will likely not remain there for long. A successful gifting is one that is efficient in both security and time. The quicker the better—a gifting should never take longer than five seconds, perhaps 10 if you are burying the piece in a remote location. Most people are staring at their phones and obliviously going about their mundane lives, so don’t worry too much about being seen. Use their mental handicap to your advantage! They have no idea what you’re doing, and few people know about orgonite gifting. Still, avoid calling unnecessary attention to yourself, and be prepared to make adjustments on the fly. If, for example, you put your shovel into the ground only to discover the soil is too firm to bury them out of sight, you should immediately move to a different location. If looking for foliage as a gifting place, don’t use anything that might get dug up or excessively manicured. Opt for perennials, or thorny shrubs like bouganvilla. Don’t forget your gloves to protect your hands from cuts and insect bites.


6) Towers will sometimes have security cameras nearby, typically the dark globe set in a white cylinder. Keep an eye out for these, and avoid making an appearance and giving away your gifting location. Remember the quarter mile rule. Again, it’s always better to go a little bit further away from the tower if it means a better chance for the orgonite to remain where it is.


7) Don’t be frustrated if you can’t get to every tower. There are literally thousands of towers in every state and province of every country in the world. This huge array can only be taken down piece by piece, and it is inevitable that you will see towers that will have to wait until the next gifting, such as high mountaintop arrays. Make a note of any unbusted towers. There’s always more gifting to be done. You may wish to mark your map with a highlighter to keep track of the roads you have gifted.




1) Parasitic entities will always lash out at new gifters, as well as fresh sources of new orgone energy. As mentioned earlier, these are the consequences of participating in the forceful breakdown of the frequency fence. If you are unable or unwilling to be on the parasites’ s**tlist, orgonite gifting is not for you. However, if you’re honored at the prospect of being on said list, do read on! The backlash can come in different forms. Directed energy attacks, exceptionally heavy chemtrails, an engineered heatwave; these are all reactions to your work, and they can last for several days following even a moderate gifting. The parasites really do feel the wallop when you disable a portion of their dark control grid, and they don’t like it. This is an attempt to psych you out and make you think that your gifting didn’t accomplish anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of being alarmed or depressed, think of it as a confirmation that you are doing the right thing, not just for yourself, but for the entire planet. You will notice such reactionary patterns as you go from gifting novice to tower-busting expert.


2) One of the wonderful things about orgonite gifting is the confirmations in the sky. If you decide to take pictures during your gifting, make sure you use a camera, not a cell phone. Don’t post any pictures that will give away TB burial locations.


3) Lastly, orgonite gifting is a truly wonderful experience on so many levels. It literally takes only one (1) person in any given region to completely neutralize the stagnating DOR there. Don’t wait for others to bust towers for you. Orgonite gifting is all about taking matters into your own hands, and actively undoing the damage yourself, rather than idly and passively waiting for the government or an “activist” group to do it, and leave you running in circles while the towers continue spewing DOR. What we have compiled here is the best guide we can possibly offer to get you started, to help you avoid the mistakes that we made early on. Orgonite gifting is an empowering journey, and it is completely unique to each individual. Above all, the experience should be enjoyable, fun, and if done right, you’ll be eagerly awaiting your next excursion.


So get some TBs, go out there, and start gifting!

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