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My blog is a journal of consciousness. As I discovered more about orgone energy, I also discovered how we've been lied to about geoengineering. Over time, I stopped talking about heavy metals and focused only on what we actually know about weather modification and energetic warfare based on real world research using orgone energy in many different climates. In earlier entries, you may see words like "aerosols," "scalar energy," and talk of a government plot. I have left my original entries intact so that they have date stamps to prove the work was done, and to keep track of my conscious evolution. I learned over time that energetic warfare was from off of this world and that the orgone energy coverup goes far beyond military secrecy. The blog entries become less about complaining and more about actively repairing our world as time goes on. Please review the Understanding the Sky section of this site to understand my position on geoengineering based on my research. I no longer just believe what I'm told, and you do not need to either.

Our most noteworthy gifting missions and discoveries are listed here. To see all blog entries and watch the energetic war in real time, please visit the blog, Somewhere Under the Chembow.

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