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In order to understand our sky, we need to understand what’s going on in our world energetically. There are two energies at work in the atmosphere which govern all weather, and how we feel and perceive the world from one day to the next. These are orgone energy (OR), the natural energy of the Earth and all its life forms (including us), also known as life force energy, and deadly radiation (DOR), which is the parasitic energy of death. DOR includes all deadly forms of energy, from electromagnetic fields (EMF) to nuclear radiation. DOR does occur naturally, but when it increases to an unnaturally high level, it creates an atmospheric imbalance. This is why we see shapes in clouds and strange skies that meteorology can’t explain.

Beginning around the year 2000, various alt-media sources began to capitalize on the new awareness of the strange skies, and the chemtrail conspiracy theory was born. It states that airplanes have been using chemicals in their exhaust emissions to alter weather patterns and as a “bioweapon” against the population. We have seen clearly through our own research that the “chemtrail” theory is a false narrative, and one that deliberately diverts attention away from the orgonomic cause of all atmospheric occurrences. In reality, the chemtrail activist narrative is as false as the mainstream narrative on weather and climate.


The trails behind aircraft are not “just contrails,” but are not necessarily "chemtrails" as described by the government actors and controlled opposition in the alt-media either. The primary reason we see lingering trails is because of an unbalanced atmosphere weighted toward DOR. The sky acts as a sort of “litmus paper,” a way for us to observe atmospheric health in any given area. Short trails are an indicator of a high OR atmosphere in which they cannot persist. Long trails indicate the opposite, a more DORish atmosphere in which they do persist. Some trails stop and start which, if they were only exhaust, would indicate that the pilot is turning the engine on and off, which is impossible. Some trails curve at dramatic and unexpected angles, as though the pilot is living out his/her dream as a skywriter which, though amusing, is also impossible. Only through understanding orgone energy and the deadly energies we are combating with orgone, can one understand the strange behavior of the trails in the sky. No “activist” group will explain this. It must be understood from an orgonomic model, originally put forth by Wilhelm Reich.

Early days of observation in LA, pre-orgonite: typical daily trails, light DOR with energetic ripples, early stage OR transmutation

Through his orgone energy research work on the atmosphere, Wilhelm Reich became aware of a massive terraforming operation which has been ongoing for millennia. This observation is in agreement with our own work, and we see the evidence of that operation to this day. The trails are a visible component of an energetic war. There are two types of detrimental weather modification being performed, one of which is human in origin and is on a small and localized scale. The other is extra-dimensional and on a global scale. The human side is not covered up, and information on this is made easily available to the public by the government and its actors. It is called cloud seeding, and even mainstream science has determined it to be an ineffective method of creating precipitation.


The government has been covering up the other side of weather modification, the large scale global terraforming operation, which has been in place since long before any of us were born. This operation is extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional in origin. They promote an idea that all weather modification, including "chemtrails," has been done only since the end of World War II and only by governments and private contractors. If the government is making this information public, it means this is what they want the public to believe, and are deliberately confounding the two types of weather modification in the process.


The real weather modification is not being done by the government. The government is actually not as powerful as they wish us to believe. They are just a business with employees, and do not have the resources to perform large scale inter-dimensional energetic warfare on the human race. In order to cover up the ET interference on Earth, whether by choice or by force, they have created the illusion that the geoengineering programs are their doing. This accomplishes not only the goal of covering up higher dimensional operations, but also gives the illusion of unlimited power to a business entity whose rule is only sustained through trickery.

When people started becoming awakened to higher levels of consciousness (a venture that has since been abandoned), the "chemtrails" and seemingly odd clouds, once invisible to us, became a cause of concern. The government put forth “experts” to teach us that these were heavy metals they sprayed on us for covert reasons. They explained that these metals included aluminum, barium, and strontium, and that they were the reason for our sickness (in reality, these chemicals in the human body come mostly from industrial chemicals like pesticides, and contaminated food, water and personal care products). This information was tailor made for those who could see the trails, not the ones under full mind control, who could see nothing. It was designed to use fear to control those who were beginning to break free of the mind control. It has never actually been proven what is in the trails, although there have been so-called “whistleblowers” coming from the government to call attention to heavy metals. These government employees work for entities such as the Department of Defense, The Bureau of Land Management, The US Air Force, The US Department of Agriculture, and the US Forest Service. They never explain the energetic nature of weather modification, but rather recite the same line about heavy metal spraying, illnesses caused by metals, and appealing to the government to stop the programs. These representatives have long lists of credentials to support their assertions on the government approved geoengineering narrative.

Just a sampling of the government actors covering up orgone energy and the extra-dimensional interference

If the materials in the atmosphere are actually particulate pollution, then we may use orgonite to easily remove them from the atmosphere. Wilhelm Reich discovered in his Cloudbusting experiments in the 1950s (when he also discovered the off-world terraforming operations which are the source of these trails) that orgone energy repelled the pollution and the craft themselves from the earth. When he reported his findings to the US Air Force, they not only did not take action against these off-world invaders, but soon after, he was arrested (for his cancer treatment which the FDA did not approve of), and he died mysteriously in prison at the age of 60.


The government does not want us to know the scope of what is going on here, thus the alt-media obsession with “disclosure,” yet another way for government shills to lie to the public. Representatives of the “disclosure” movement cover up vital information about ET involvement on Earth and the life force energy that removes the parasitic entities and their poisons. When people use orgone energy to clean the atmosphere, these shills attribute it to the government “easing up” on the “spraying”, or to “good ETs” cleaning it up, when it’s actually people defending the world from negative forces using a simple solution available to all of us right now! This group of disinformants has high profile independent media to back them up and give validity to their hearsay and “intel.”


For years, we have amassed, in the form of photographic documentation, images that demonstrate that the spraying narrative is false. We have found oddities in the crafts, and even missing parts and see-through areas, indicating a holographic nature to the program. We have seen the “planes” disappear into thin air when confronted with orgone energy devices and people using them consciously. Wilhelm Reich found a similar occurrence, documented in his last book Contact with Space (1957), where the UFOs he saw in the desert in Arizona accompanying DOR skies retreated when he aimed his Cloudbuster at them. We have seen planes change shape or flash brightly, and we have also observed orb-shaped crafts in the sky, which often hover in one place for a period of time, particularly around the trails, and eventually fade away out of sight. Orgone energy has been the catalyst for learning of this extra-dimensional attack on Earth, as well as potentially neutral or benevolent beings, as it was for Wilhelm Reich.

5.21.17 joshua tree half invisible plane
9.13.18 full wingspan trail glitching zo

Glitches in the hologram, photographed on May 21, 2017, April 27, 2017, and Sept. 13, 2018

Through the lowering of our vibration and the vibration of the Earth, those responsible for the deadly energy in our environment have been able to get away with it for eons, until now, with the vast amount of orgonite gifted into the environment. The EMF emitted by cell phone towers, smart phones, and wireless internet not only suppress our physical health, but our mental and spiritual well-being. These fields are contradictory to the body’s natural resonance, and cause dis-ease within the organism. They also cause illness to plant and animal life, and are the most pervasive form of pollution on Earth today. EMF is the most prevalent type of DOR on Earth today. Nuclear radiation was the main form of DOR that Reich measured in the desert with a Geiger counter in the 50s.

We willingly take the poison and suppress our own health and consciousness for their agenda

The connection between DOR and today’s jet trails is that they could not persist in the atmosphere without this deadly energy. The cell phone towers throughout our cities and countryside are intentionally placed in a grid to negate the natural orgone of the Earth and to create a mind controlling frequency fence. This is an agenda to lower human consciousness through invisible energy fields which most are unaware of, and it also has the effect of causing drought and desert, and retaining air pollution. Wireless technologies are also positively ionizing, emitting excess electrons into the atmosphere which inhibit the hydrogen bonding of water molecules. This prevents humidity from becoming clouds and causes the flat white “chemtrail” sky. In actuality, much of what we think of up in the sky as artificial is really just DORized clouds. Once the atmosphere goes from positively ionized to negatively ionized, the hydrogen bonds form and we see the flat, DORized clouds begin to gain definition, eventually becoming puffy and full, or evaporating entirely, leaving a clear blue sky. We call this the process of transmutation, and it takes place everywhere at all times. The amount of time it takes in any given location depends on the OR/DOR ratio. With orgonite, we can tilt this ratio toward OR. When gifting, the EMF of cell phone towers is neutralized, removing air pollution and, over the longer term, eliminating drought. This can be seen in the US west, where drought is a distant memory (water mismanagement and price gouging is not drought, we are talking about actual rainfall) due to orgonite distribution to the strategic places the towers were put. In the orgonite section of this site, we explain how orgonite works to neutralize EMF. It is very important to neutralize any EMF you cannot eliminate, such as from cell towers or from neighbors’ devices. In your own home, you have the ability to reject DOR and opt for the hardwired approach to telephony and computing.


Since EMF is invisible, we are easily sidetracked to focus on three dimensional forms of pollution, which also need to be addressed, but in the case of "geoengineering" are not important once EMF is neutralized. The geoengineering “activist” movement is focused almost entirely on heavy metals, which may or may not exist. Either way, orgone energy is ignored, which would keep any hypothetical metals from falling on us anyway. Our blog site, Somewhere Under the Chembow, gives countless examples of what the process of transmutation looks like. Geoengineering activist groups only discuss deadly energy in a way that promotes fear and helplessness, and only mention far-away sources like HAARP (an unimportant research station in). In reality DOR is all around us in our homes and cities, and the solution is to neutralize the cell towers with orgonite.


Our consciousness is completely tied in with the state of the atmosphere. Orgonite takes care of repairing the sky, but over time using orgonite, you will find that you can even use your own OR through the power of your mind to do the same. Removing and neutralizing EMF is the first step toward freeing our minds from the frequency control. Of course, since smart phones are addictive and take over the part of your mind that would have the clarity to turn them off and stop using them, this is truly a paradox. We must be strong and do the necessary work to learn and understand our energetic nature, overcome mind control, and regain our connection with the Earth and sky.

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