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Hardwire Your Home - A Simple Guide

March 7, 2022

We live in an age where technology is essential for staying in touch and conducting our business. We need access to the internet for e-mailing and running e-commerce stores, sending and receiving documents and money, and staying in touch with friends and family. We use the internet to research topics on just about everything. I am a big fan of technology and would have a very hard time living without it. Sometimes when I tell someone I don’t use a smart phone or have a Facebook profile, they think I’m against technology or am computer illiterate. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, I find the most computer illiterate people are the ones who rely heavily on smart phones. We can still be connected and up to date while using technology consciously with awareness of its influence on our bodies and minds.


I became aware of the negative impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMF) through my own symptoms. There was a time when using a computer had no adverse effects on me, but this was before wireless internet. Starting around the year 2000, I began to feel extremely fatigued every day. This was in the early days of cell phones and the introduction of more cell towers into the landscape. I got wifi in my home soon after and my fatigue intensified. I got my first flip phone in 2007, but didn’t use it very much. In 2010, a friend convinced me to upgrade to her old phone, which had internet capability. It was around this time that I stopped being able to sleep at night. Now, having been “clean” since 2016, I can’t even tolerate high EMF environments. Staying in hotels or other people’s houses is difficult for me, and I often even get a headache from going shopping. The good news is, reduction of EMF exposure reduces these symptoms, and when you go into high EMF environments, an orgonite pendant can help mitigate the effects. I didn’t know either of these things until 2014, when I started making orgonite, a simple generator of orgone energy, and turned off the wifi forever.

With all that said, computers are still amazing tools. I grew up in the computer age and learned how to use an Apple 2C in elementary school. I always loved working with computers. I graduated college in 1998 and computer knowledge was needed for joining the workforce. Back then, computers were definitely seen as tools and the internet was primitive and not nearly as addicting as it is today. Windows machines of the 90s were user friendly and easily customized and controlled by the user. This was a time when we used artificial intelligence and it remained in its place as our servant. We didn’t yet allow our devices to communicate amongst themselves in a sea of frenetic digital frequencies or do our thinking for us.

Now AI has become the master over humanity. There is no doubt that we need computers and phones for communication, business, and information sharing. The internet is the new encyclopedia or library, and almost everything you need to know on any topic can be found there. Most people now have constant access to this wealth of information in their homes, workplaces, and even out and about. The problem arises when we lose control over the technology and it begins to influence us without our knowledge. This influence turns to full blown control over us if we’re not careful.


Giving our Computers too Much Control


How does AI take over and run our lives for us? For one, we’ve automated too many processes, expecting computers to do a better job than people. While this may hold true for certain things, like mathematical calculations, it certainly has caused a loss of many abilities people once had, like map reading and scheduling. How often do people not even remember their own schedules anymore since Google calendar can do it for you? Because of apps and GPS, most people can’t even navigate their own cities without constant assistance from computers. Often, these machines don’t actually know the best way to get somewhere and sometimes even get you lost. In our workplaces, relying too heavily on computers and automation can often lead to glitches and errors that would not have occurred if the task were done by hand, the old fashioned way.

old computer 2.jpg

Artificial intelligence is not really intelligent. It is programmed. Often human eyes need to look at a problem that is beyond a computer’s “intelligence” to figure out. After all, we can reason, but a computer can’t (remember this when you imagine a world run by computers!). It can only do what it’s programmed to do, and this is not true intelligence. Computers cannot take every variable in nature into account because they can only process digital information and the natural world is analog. Within an analog framework, there are infinite variations and possibilities. In a digital reality, we have to work with the closest thing that can be numerically accounted for. This shows the limitations in computer intelligence versus human intelligence. Both can make mistakes, but both working together, with human oversight, can work wonders.

The most insidious way AI has taken over humanity is through control by wireless frequency. Our bodies have an energy field, orgone energy, which is the life force energy. Our resonance is analog and the vibrations or wave forms associated with our thoughts and emotions are complex and not possibly understood from a digital standpoint. They cannot be quantified into a series of ones and zeros, or any finite numerical code at all. But when we expose ourselves to harmful frequencies, our bodies try to conform to that energy field. As a result, our vibrations are reduced to simplified digital wave forms, which is completely contrary to our natural resonance. We sync up with the smart phone and can be controlled through it by those with an agenda to control us. We are remote controlled and involved in a deadly symbiosis with artificial intelligence unbeknownst to the vast majority of the users of wireless technology.


Deadly radiation from smart phones is highly addictive and our bodies begin to change and conform to it. A lowering of consciousness is the inevitable result because the user now has simplified their natural energy field. This also eventually leads to cancer, which is a symptom of the contracted orgone, or “stuck energy” of the organism. The deeper into this addiction you are, the harder it will be for you to turn off the offending device and feel your natural resonance without interference again. This is by design. Smart phones are programmed to be addicting.


AI is Programmed to Program Us!


AI can “read” our thoughts by their resonance and can also emit wave forms emulating negative emotional states in humans. Do they try and emulate positive human emotions? Yes, but only to advertise to us, and you may notice that the “positive” sounding music, visuals, and the general energy of commercials only come out sounding patronizing and annoying! The parasites’ idea of positive is anything that gets us to take out a line of credit or purchase an upgraded smart phone. (For some reason they think that xylophones and whistling mean “happy” to humans.) In general AI focuses entirely on negative emotional states because that is what generates the most suffering, and therefore food, for them. They actually don’t even have the ability to emulate higher human emotions like friendship and love because those vibrations are too complex to fit into a digital wave, nor would it benefit AI to do so.


Of course smart phones and computers also hear and see us, so they can appropriately advertise to us and manipulate our thoughts so the parasites can feed off us. (This can be avoided by covering your webcam when you’re not using it and plugging your speaker input with an eighth inch headphone adapter.) They can also manipulate users into tormenting non-users who would otherwise be unaffected by the mind control signal. By lowering our vibration, they can more easily sync up with our minds since AI only works on simplistic low vibrations. All these negative emotions are part of the fear spectrum. Orgone energy is the highest form of love, the opposite of fear. It’s important to understand why we have to use computers differently than the way we currently are. Responsibility needs to be taken now that we know the harm being done. Even if you don’t feel it now, it is damaging every part of your being. Why keep making excuses when it’s so easy to still have the access without the damage?


The solution to being able to continue to use technology for everything it’s great for and not falling victim to the hidden trap of addiction and mind control within it is to fully understand how your technology works and set it up so that it gives you all the benefits without harming your health and consciousness. We have been lulled into a stupor regarding technology, so that people don’t even want to understand how it works. They just do whatever the phone company or internet service provider says and are happy it works. But it doesn’t work if it’s killing you slowly while you are being used as energetic cattle for the parasites.


Here’s how to hardwire your home and your life and stay connected while staying safe.

The only last thing you have to do besides following these instructions is cut off exposure to negative media, like fear based news and violent content. Surprisingly, once you give up deadly energy, you will find removing negative media from your playlist is easier than ever.

Hardwired Internet Setup


Younger people and older people don’t seem to know much about how their modems work. I guess I’m lucky to be of that in-between generation of adults that grew up with computers but not with cell phones. Here is how your internet works and how to set it up wifi-free.


First, the cable:


The internet signal comes into your home through the cable in the wall. It is either coming from fiber optic lines (cable) or via satellite. In rural places, satellite is often the only option. Do not confuse satellite with wifi. Satellite internet signals are outside of your home and are everywhere. Wifi is inside your house and this is what we’ll be avoiding. If cable is not an option, then you will use satellite internet.

cable modem
cable modem back

Next, the modem:


The cable is connected to a modem, which processes that signal and sends it to your devices. Most modems today automatically send the signal out into the air (wifi). With cable internet service, you can always buy your own modem rather than renting theirs. With satellite internet, this may differ from company to company and you will need to inquire. Our last satellite modem was not wifi enabled and the wifi feature can often be disabled.


Your best bet is to buy a cable modem (Amazon, etc.) that does not have wifi capabilities. Call your internet service provider and make sure it is compatible with your service (service compatibility is often in the product listing) and then you can buy it. Your cable company’s tech support will walk you through the setup by phone. Once you have returned their modem, they will stop charging you the rental fee.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Connect your computer:

Once your hardwired modem is set up, you can plug your laptop right into the ethernet port at the back. Some modems are modem/router combinations. These instructions are for a basic cable modem with one ethernet output at the back. You can get very long ethernet cables to give you more mobility with your device.


If your computer doesn’t have an ethernet port, you can buy a USB to ethernet adapter. Even iPads can be plugged into your router with a USB to ethernet adapter. Disable the wifi adapter on your laptop or device so it isn’t trying to communicate via wifi. Instructions for your device can be found with a simple online search. You can enable it again when you need it away from the house.


Now you’re online without wifi! Let’s continue and make it nicer for your whole home.

ethernet input.jpg
usb to eternet adapter.jpg
ethernet to usb adapter.jpg

Add a router for multiple devices:

Add a non-wifi router to your setup to allow multiple devices to connect. You will need to verify the router has no wifi capability. The router will have many ethernet ports at the back and will look very similar to a wifi router.


Take a short ethernet cable and connect the ethernet port of the modem to the WAN port (wide area network) of the router. Make sure your modem is plugged in and on before plugging in your router and turning it on. Modems and routers just plug into a power source and don’t generally have an on/off button. The modem and router can also be turned on simultaneously if they are both plugged into a power strip and will work fine (this is also what happens after a power outage when power returns).


You can now plug in multiple devices to the LAN ports (local area network).

router back.jpg
ethernet to computer.jpg

Hardwire the house:

You will likely want to use the internet in various places in the house like you would be able to with wifi. Your family members will also want access in their rooms. Besides being safe, service is much faster when you’re hardwired. This will make it much less frustrating to share bandwidth.


You can find very long ethernet cables online for a low cost in different colors. Black or white usually work well for blending with your mouldings or ceiling. You can work them along the baseboard mouldings, over and around doorways, through the corner of the door into the room. Use protective U-nails made for cables to attach cables to the mouldings and make them inconspicuous. Once in the desired room, you can then run the cable behind a desk and into your office computer, or even provide an extra long cable so there is extra length at the end and the computer can be moved around within the room. This is your chance to be creative and make it as neat and pretty as you can.


What about phone?

Most people only use cell phones now, but landlines are still available. Traditional landlines, however, are prohibitively expensive for most people. The advantage is that they work in a power outage, provided you are using a corded phone. This is a great safety feature especially for people who are elderly or have health issues who also want to know that 911 calls will reveal their address for emergency responders.


A great alternative for landline service is voice over internet phone (VOIP). This costs way less than traditional landlines but depends on power being on and internet being online. If you have a generator for outages, then VOIP will continue to work. Some companies, like Ooma, offer barebones service for just the cost of taxes and fees per month. You can get more advanced features for a very reasonable price with VOIP. The unit plugs into one of the ethernet outputs of the router and your phone plugs into it. Use a corded landline since cordless phones also emit EMF for the base to communicate with the handset. Make sure you are buying a basic unit without wifi capability.


Cell phones are good for emergencies when away from the house, or can be a backup if there is a power outage and you don’t have a traditional landline or generator. They are not to be used as a primary phone and should be turned off and kept in a metal box or foil most of the time. There is no reason to revert to an old flip phone, however. You need reliable service in the world if you have a car problem, etc.


A prepaid cellular plan is best for our purposes. T-Mobile has a $3 per month plan which includes 30 minutes/texts. Additional minutes or texts are 10 cents each. If you have to go online with this plan, you can go to a wifi hotspot or you can purchase a minimal data plan for $5 per day or $10 per week. Again, use the internet even more sparingly than the talk and text features, as it is far more damaging to health. Do not use the cell phone for anything that can be done later at home on a hardwired connection.


Kill your television or watch it safely?

TV is ok if you make sure it’s not wifi enabled. The main issue these days is that almost all TVs are “smart” and constantly emit signals to communicate with other devices in the house. These smart TVs cause headaches and other health issues and should be avoided. If you want online content on your TV, it can be done hardwired.


Buy a TV that isn’t smart. These are actually fairly inexpensive but you need to look for it. An HDMI cable can connect your laptop to your TV and offer you a big screen watching experience for YouTube, Netflix, etc. Set your TV to the HDMI input you’re plugged in to, and it will show what’s on your computer monitor. You can close your computer while watching TV or leave it open. Both will show the video.

HDMI to computer.jpg
HDMI to TV.jpg

Handling the smart meter

Smart meters are easy scapegoats for people experiencing health issues related to EMF caused by their smart phone use. Smart meters are one of the lesser offenders, but rather than give up smart phones, people tend to focus an inordinate amount of attention on smart meters. This doesn’t mean they’re good for you, however.


The best option is to opt out of the smart meter. Most utility companies will let you do this for an added fee each month. Another option is a smart meter shield, which allows a small amount of the radiation through so the utility company can read the meter but it won’t reach much into the house. This usually works, but sometimes in remote areas, the signal will not be strong enough for the company to receive it and the shield is not a viable option.


You can use an Acousticom2 meter for RF and watch how the smart meter transmits data. You will see that every so often there is a pulse which sends the meter into the red. Examine the levels in your house. If the reach of the smart meter is short and it is not installed on a bedroom wall, you may actually be unaffected indoors. You can use orgonite on the meter to reduce the harmful effects as well.

smart meter sheild.jpg
smart meter sheild 2.jpg
electric meters.png

The unnecessary stuff


There is a lot of EMF produced by things we don’t need and should be removed entirely. Home security systems are not worth the damage they do to your body and mind (unless you can find a hardwired security system in which wifi integration can be fully disabled), not to mention interrupting your sleep. What good is protecting your material junk if you are reducing your lifespan and quality of life? The energy it emits is the energy of fear, so we may as well think of it as an insecurity system.


Alexa and Google Home should never be used. Never use wifi enabled digital cameras, thermostats, sprinklers or other wifi household gadgets. Digital and programmable items without wifi capability are fine. There are many more examples of items that are wifi enabled that don’t need to be. Once you’re aware of the wifi push on consumers, you’ll see that wifi logo everywhere. They even make trash cans and soap dispensers with sensors so you don’t have to touch them. It’s to the point of being ridiculous.

Time to change


Now that you know how easy it is, it’s time to make that change. We went hardwired in 2014 and the improvement in sleep was dramatic. The home also took on a calm feeling that people noticed. We went cell phone free in 2016 and now only maintain the 30 minute per month prepaid plan with one phone shared between the two of us. We experienced major consciousness changes and growth since doing this. It’s not as hard as you think. You can try it by turning off wifi and cell phones for hours at a time, especially while sleeping, so you can feel the difference. Then go all the way and become hardwired to experience these benefits all the time.

internet setup.jpg

Wifi and cell phone free life, but still completely connected! Hardwire your life.

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