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What is orgone energy? Orgone energy (OR) is the life force energy, also known as chi or prana. It was discovered scientifically by Wilhelm Reich and is the force that governs weather and the health of all organisms.


What is DOR? DOR is deadly radiation, what Wilhelm Reich termed “deadly orgone radiation.” It includes electromagnetic fields (EMF) from the cell phones and wireless devices people use every day. It also includes nuclear radiation and any other form of deadly energy.


What is orgonite? Orgonite is a simple energy device that generates orgone energy. Basic orgonite consists of quartz crystals, fine metal shavings, a copper coil, and a polyester or epoxy resin. Other minerals may be added. The metals must be fine and plentiful in order for the orgonite to be powerful. Orgonite neutralizes DOR and can be used to create a counter-field of energy in the home or environment.


Which way should the copper wire be coiled? The copper coil can be wound clockwise or counterclockwise, or in alternate shapes, like the iconic “SBB coil” made by Carol Croft. The copper coil is actually optional, but according to Dowin Gardner it increases the “electro-momentum” of the orgonite.


Is aluminum bad for use in orgonite? No metal is bad. Aluminum has been used in towerbusters since the beginning by Don Croft, Georg Ritschl, and many other orgonite gifters. It is effective, lightweight, and inexpensive. Shavings should be as fine as possible, no matter which metal is used. Large pieces of metal or BBs are ineffective in orgonite. 


Is resin toxic? Different brands of resin have different levels of toxicity when in the working stages. They are non-toxic and odorless once cured, but most are not meant to be used in products that are for eating and drinking. The clear epoxy resin in our orgonite pyramids and pendants is a no VOC (volatile organic compound) and low fume product. Most resins release fumes during working time and require a properly rated respirator. Proper ventilation is always advised when working with any resin.


Is orgonite bad for the environment because it’s made of plastic? A catalyzing resin is necessary for the function of orgonite. It is an organic product, made from petroleum, which works with the inorganic elements of metals in the orgonite, like Wilhelm Reich’s alternating layers of organic and inorganic material in his Orgone Accumulator. Plastic and petroleum products are not necessarily bad for the environment when used consciously. The hard plastic casing of the orgonite protects it from the elements and allows it to function for a long time in the environment.


Is there an alternative to resin for orgonite? A medium which catalyzes through a chemical process squeezes on the crystals and metals in orgonite to activate their piezoelectric properties. Without a catalyzing resin, the orgonite is ineffective. You can make other energy devices without resin, but they are not orgonite.


Does orgonite have to be a certain shape to work properly? Orgonite can be any shape. Pyramids naturally direct energy, but it’s the ingredients, not the shape, that make orgonite function.


Can orgone energy be measured? Orgone energy cannot be measured with an instrument. Its effects are seen in the clearing of air pollution and the gathering of healthy OR clouds in the atmosphere, along with a deep blue sky. It also is observed to increase precipitation and plant growth. It can also be felt in your general health and mental well-being.


What effects will I feel from the orgonite? Because orgonite neutralizes the damaging effects of EMF, you may feel more relaxed, have better sleep, and have a clearer mind. You may feel emotional at times, or find past issues coming up and being resolved. Sometimes this can be perceived as negative, but it is really part of your energetic healing process.


Can orgonite be dangerous? No. The worst thing orgonite can be is ineffective.


Can orgonite go bad, and if so, does it need to be disposed of? Orgonite cannot go bad and will continue working perpetually. It does not absorb bad energy, it simply generates orgone energy. 


Does orgonite lose its effectiveness over time? No. As long as it exists, it will generate OR.


Does orgonite block EMF? No. Orgonite restructures the waveform, so that it will pass through your body less destructively, and will have less of a negative impact on the environment. The only way to block EMF is with a Faraday cage.


How come my EMF meter isn’t changing when I have orgonite around my cell phone or wifi router? Orgonite mitigates the harmful nature of the EMF, but the EMF itself will still be present. The only complete solution is to eliminate the source of EMF. 


What does orgonite do outdoors? We use orgonite outdoors to neutralize deadly radiation just like indoors. Outside is more about helping the earth and restoring natural weather. Orgone energy neutralizes EMF from cell towers and other environmental sources to allow cloud formation and rain. It also helps clear air pollution by repelling it away from the earth. You may notice increased plant growth and animal activity in your yard as well.


What is orgonite gifting? Orgonite gifting is distributing orgonite into the environment to neutralize DOR sources, especially cell phone towers. Gifting can also be done for any place you feel needs the energetic help, such as a prison or site of a traumatic event, to help the earth recover. It can be done anywhere.


How many orgonite pieces do I need to neutralize a cell tower? One 3 oz. towerbuster neutralizes up to three cell phone towers in close proximity.


Where do I gift the orgonite and how close to a cell tower does it need to be? It’s easiest to hide a TB in a bush or any dense foliage. You can also bury it or hide it in a fence post, etc. Anywhere it will not be disturbed is great. Towers should be gifted in the safest and simplest nearby place. As long as you are within a quarter mile of the tower, it will be gifted.


How much area does one piece of orgonite cover? Larger orgonite pieces are more powerful than smaller ones. Generally a simple TB covers at least a quarter mile radius in the environment, but orgonite can work for miles around. The area covered also depends on how much DOR needs to be neutralized. When placed near a cell tower, the reach of the OR field is farther than when placed away from a tower. In your home, you can’t have too much orgonite. Home is your sanctuary and the energy field needs to be as life affirming as possible so you can live your best life.


I have lots of orgonite around. Why do I still see chemtrails? The chemtrail narrative is an alt-media psy-op created to divert attention away from orgone energy and how the weather really works, as well as to cover up the EMF problem. The air travel grid in the sky is a continuously running holographic program. These trails are not necessarily associated with any planes as we know them, but they are not “weather control weapons” or biological warfare either. They are rather some actual form of DOR-based transportation. On some days, you’ll see trails lingering, on some they will break up, and sometimes you’ll see the same planes without trails. Some days you will see only deep blue skies and no planes at all. The appearance of the trails depends on the energetic dynamics of the atmosphere on any given day. With orgonite in your environment, you will see this process of trails existing, then breaking, and then disappearing over and over again. This is your orgonite working against the flying grid.


I have lots of orgonite around. Why is the sky so ugly? Depends what you mean by ugly. We see every sky as beautiful and in a different stage of healing. Don’t assume a flat white sky is full of chemicals (see above). Your water vapor is just suspended in a positively ionizing DOR field. Your orgonite will work throughout the day, every day, to reconstitute your sky into a healthy high-OR state. Then you’ll see OR clouds form and evaporate, leaving you with clear skies. Then they will become DORized again and the process will repeat. That’s why you have the orgonite!


How come they always spray more chemtrails before it rains? See the chemtrail psy-op above. In order for it to rain, an energetic shift must take place in the atmosphere. Increased DOR always precedes an OR shift, which must go through all its stages to completion before the atmosphere is ready for rain. The DOR-based flyers usually have a frenzy of activity before an OR shift, as though they are trying to “escape.” They are not spraying anything. The trails are an indicator of the level of DOR versus OR in the atmosphere. The stronger the trails, the more DOR, and the more they break, twist, or puff up, the more OR there is. No trails or very short trails indicates high OR.


Is it possible for orgonite to make me feel worse than before? It’s unusual for orgonite to have anything but a positive effect on your mood. If you feel negative effects, it’s not the orgonite itself, but the DOR that it opposes trying to “fight back” and gain the upper hand. In the atmosphere you can observe the clash of two energies (OR and DOR) and this shows up in the cloud shapes. In your mind and body, you have become accustomed to EMF, which is everywhere in our modern world. Your body will need to adjust to the higher OR field, which is its natural state. This is like an energetic “detox.” The best thing you can do to feel better fast is turn off your cell phone and wifi. Then you will get the full effects of the orgone energy without it being diluted in neutralizing the EMF in your home.


Can I use orgonite in my car? Yes. 


Does orgonite work if it is buried or underwater? Yes. The energy is inter-dimensional and goes through matter,


How do I meet other orgonite gifters and start a gifting movement in my area? It’s more important that you get out there and gift orgonite because there is no time like the present. Convincing others about the power of orgone energy is difficult and meeting like-minded people is great, but also very difficult in today’s world. The orgonite gifting “movement” has always been unorganized. It remains pure and without infiltration by nefarious forces by staying off the radar for the most part. You can always meet people through our very minimal social media (video channels and tumblr) by leaving a comment. You can ask us too, but there is rarely a convergence of orgonite gifters in any area. The gifters we know work individually or sometimes in pairs. It’s not an activity that generates accolades and praise and is not about socializing, but is a spiritual practice that must be done to heal the energy of wherever you are.

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