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What are OR and DOR? These are Wilhelm Reich’s abbreviations for orgone energy and deadly orgone radiation. OR, the life force energy, is present in all animals, plants, minerals, and the atmosphere. DOR is deadly radiation, including EMF and nuclear radiation. Reich considered it to be immobilized life force energy, or stagnant energy, but is not actually orgone energy at all. It is its opposite.

What is in chemtrails? Many people believe they consist of heavy metal nano-particles, which is what we also used to take as fact. However, there have never been any tests that could prove what is in chemtrails because there is no way to measure such small particles, and metals found in soil and water samples could come from a variety of sources. Chemtrails appear to be a combination of some type of pollution and water vapor. Whatever kind of particulate pollution they actually are, the spiraling vortex of orgone energy repels them.


What is causing weird looking clouds in the sky? Is this natural or the result of geoengineering? The energetic health of the atmosphere can be seen in the appearance of the clouds. In order for healthy clouds to form, the atmosphere must be negatively ionized and charged with orgone energy, promoting the hydrogen bonding of water molecules. Well defined, puffy clouds with a deep blue sky and little to no smog indicate a healthy atmosphere. Thin, wispy, flat clouds with smog and spreading chemtrails occur when the atmosphere is positively ionized and unhealthy. When DOR sources are neutralized with orgonite, the energetic health of the atmosphere improves as the ionization is changed from a positive to negative charge and the OR is increased. Some of the strange clouds we see are actually the result of the cleanup and should not be regarded with fear.


What is orgonite made of? Basic orgonite consists of quartz crystals, fine metal shavings, a copper coil, and a polyester resin. Other minerals may be added. The metals must be plentiful in order for the orgonite to be powerful.


Is aluminum bad for use in orgonite? No metal is bad. Aluminum has been used in towerbusters since the year 2000 by many orgonite gifters, as it is effective, light weight, and inexpensive. Shavings should be as fine as possible, no matter which type is used. Large pieces of metal or BBs are ineffective in orgonite.


Which way should the copper wire be coiled? It does not matter either way.


Does orgonite have to be a certain shape to work properly? No, the shape is irrelevant. Only the contents of the orgonite matter.

Is polyester resin toxic? Different brands and types of polyester resin have different levels of toxicity when still wet and curing. The clear epoxy resin in our orgonite pyramids and pendants is a no VOC and low fume option, which is available at arts and crafts retailers. Proper ventilation is still advised. We also use a laminating surfboard resin in our towerbusters, which releases fumes when in the process of catalyzing, and requires use of a respirator. Once the orgonite cures, there is no toxicity in the resin nor does it have an odor. Polyester resin is a plastic product, not unlike any of the plastics you use in your daily life, including water bottles, food containers, cell phones, etc.


Is there an alternative to polyester resin for orgonite? No, a medium which does not catalyze through a chemical process will not adequately squeeze on the crystals and metals in orgonite to activate their piezoelectric properties, and will result in ineffective orgonite. While one may still feel a subtle effect when using beeswax or plaster, it is likely due to the natural effect the crystals have just on their own. For gifting in the environment, orgonite also needs the durability of the polyester resin. Resin has been demonized by many environmentally minded people who don’t understand the urgency of neutralizing EMF, the most pervasive pollution on Earth. Oil, a component of plastics, has also been demonized due to irresponsible corporations misusing it. We feel that it is a valuable resource to help us in this energetic war, and if you drive a car or have any items made of plastic, then you too are using oil.


What is orgonite gifting? It is the act of distributing orgonite into the environment, especially in proximity to DOR sources, specifically cell phone towers. Gifting can also be done for bodies of water, forests, prisons, schools, hospitals, or any place you feel needs the help.


How many orgonite pieces do I need to neutralize a cell tower? One 3 oz. towerbuster neutralizes up to three cell phone towers in close proximity.


How close to a tower must orgonite be to neutralize it? It should be within a quarter mile of the tower, the closer the better. If you cannot get close to towers, the best thing to do is to gift your orgonite as close as possible, creating a “counter-grid” to offset the life negating effect of the towers.


How much area does one piece of orgonite cover? Does this amount vary depending on the size of the piece? Larger orgonite pieces are more powerful than smaller ones. The orgonite must be made properly to be effective. Orgonite can work for miles around, but the area covered also depends on how much DOR needs to be neutralized. When first introduced, the orgonite often has a more dramatic effect as energy is rapidly shifted.


I have lots of orgonite around. Why do I still see chemtrails? When you rake your lawn in autumn, it will continue to get littered with leaves, requiring more raking. The chemtrail spraying is similar. It is a computer program which is running constantly. When the atmosphere changes to a high OR, negatively ionized state, the trails will behave differently than they do in a positively ionized, DOR atmosphere. They will begin to twist and break up, and not be able to spread out across the sky.

Can orgone energy be measured? Orgone energy is an inter-dimensional energy that cannot be “measured” in mechanistic, 3D terms. Its effects are seen in atmospheric improvement, increased precipitation and plant growth, and the general health and well-being of an organism. Whether or not you are particularly energetically sensitive, you may notice positive changes in your mood, energy level, and sleep. Orgone energy is subjectively experienced based on the bio-energetic health of the organism. Healthy organisms who are not subjected to high amounts of DOR will be more sensitive than desensitized ones who are constantly exposed to DOR. Your ability to sense orgone energy improves as you increase the OR of your environment and reject DORizing technology.


Some people say that “sylphs” are associated with orgonite. This word does not appear anywhere on your website or blog. Please explain. This word is a term which is not part of orgonomy, used by mystical observers to describe the visible part of the transmutation process. When the DORized clouds begin to change into healthy clouds and air pollution is repelled from the Earth, the spiraling shape of the orgone energy can be seen in the spiraling clouds in the sky. Sometimes the clouds can appear wispy and take on strange shapes, and may resemble renderings of “angels” or “spirits.” However, if one observes the sky over a period of time, it will be obvious that these clouds take on this shape gradually as orgone energy lifts pollution up and away from Earth. To attribute the cleanup to spirits trivializes the hard physical and spiritual work that planetary healers do when they make and gift orgonite. It removes the possibility that we ourselves are actually the multi-dimensional healers, and it creates another mental roadblock to spiritual ascension.

What is transmutation? Transmutation is the changing of one form, nature, or substance into another. In the case of orgone energy transmutation, it is the changing of the energy of the atmosphere from DOR to OR, and from positive to negatively ionized.


I have lots of orgonite around, but I feel worse than before. What’s going on? One or both of the following are likely taking place. Since DOR is addictive, the sudden reduction of it in your personal space can be disorienting, especially if you are normally exposed to a lot of it. The other scenario is that any entity attachments are having an unfavorable reaction to the sudden rush of OR, and their reaction is manifesting as an unpleasant feeling within your body. Negative entities feed off of our suffering and they don’t want you to feel good. They are also poisoned by OR, and if they are etherically attached to you, you may feel ill, as you would when you begin a detoxification program to remove internal parasites. If you have a bad reaction, try turning off your cell phone and wifi router, lay back, relax, meditate, stand barefoot on the Earth to ground out electrons, or soothe yourself with an Epsom salt bath. If you know it’s not you, but the dark entities, you can create a psychic shield around your body and tell them to take a hike!


Can orgonite be dangerous? No. The worst thing orgonite can be is ineffective. But it can also clonk someone on the head or damage property when thrown out of the car window, so please be careful!


Can I use orgonite in my car? Yes.


Does orgonite work if it is buried or underwater? Yes.


Can orgonite go bad, and if so, does it need to be disposed of? Orgonite cannot go bad and will continue working perpetually. It does not absorb bad energy, it simply generates orgone energy.


Does orgonite lose its effectiveness over time? No, it does not. If the sky gets better then worse again, keep in mind that the DOR is different from day to day due to a number of factors. Using the power of your mind, you can “energize” your orgonite with meditation or rinse it in water to refresh it. In actuality, you are really increasing your own orgone energy potential through these activities and this is what makes the difference.


How do I meet other orgonite gifters and start a gifting movement in my area? This is something to avoid doing. Orgonite gifting is a unique spiritual journey, one that is both unorganized and solitary. This is what prevents it from being sabotaged by the parasitic entities, and the mind controlled humans working on their behalf. If you have a loved one or close friend(s) who understand orgone energy and want to help the world, then gifting together can be a great experience.


Who invented orgonite? The invention of orgonite is attributed to Karl Welz circa the mid 1990s. He trademarked the word “orgonite” in 2003, but there is strong evidence that this is the beginning and end of his involvement. His device was trademarked under scientific equipment as a “psychic energy magnet,” which is a different use than the devices made by orgonite gifters. Orgonite has been made and used by people like Don Croft and Georg Ritschl since before the trademark date. It is inconclusive whether or not Welz invented it, or simply trademarked a word.


If “orgonite” is trademarked, am I allowed to make it? Yes, anyone can make orgonite. Only the word is trademarked. The device is not patented, since it is a simple combination of ingredients anyone can make at home. If you sell orgonite using this word, you will eventually receive a threat from Karl Welz requiring you to pay him $500 per year for a license to use the word. If you sell on a platform like Etsy or eBay, you can expect to have your items removed for trademark violation or your shop taken down.


Which devices in my home are emitting EMF? The two biggest offenders are the cell phone and the wireless internet router (wifi). Reduction and/or removal of these should be prioritized by anyone desiring an energetically safe home. Other offenders include smart meters, smart TVs, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and microwave ovens. Anything wireless emits EMF, so if your camera, keyboard, mouse, etc. has connectivity without a cable, it is emitting EMF.


Does orgonite block EMF? No. Orgonite restructures the waveform, so that it will pass through your body less destructively, and will have less of a negative impact on the environment. The only way to block EMF is with a Faraday cage.


How come my EMF meter isn’t changing when I have orgonite around my cell phone or wifi router? Orgonite mitigates the harmful nature of the EMF, but the EMF itself will still be present. The only full solution is to eliminate the offending device.


You are aware that orgone energy is pseudoscience, debunked years ago according to Wikipedia, right? Yes, we are aware of this fact, and encourage everyone to embrace the objective, unbiased “facts” of mainstream doctrine.

For questions about placement and gifting, please see our Gifting Instructions.

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