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The only solution to ending the problems of drought, desertification, and electromagnetic pollution is to make and deploy orgonite and orgone energy devices. You also will need to lose your addiction to surveillance and mind control devices like smart phones, wifi, and GPS. These devices are designed to suppress your consciousness and your ability to manifest a clean and beautiful world through the power of your mind. Nothing will be accomplished by appealing to the government, which is a business entity with no actual authority to regulate other businesses or ability to manage inter-dimensional warfare with parasitic entities, the real perpetrators of the energetic war. This energetic war was designed to terraform the Earth, create false scarcity, and generate fear and powerlessness among the people. It is an assault on all life, and those doing it cannot be reached or begged to stop. They are running like a computer program. So we must stop them. The smart grid and cell towers are a frequency fence to keep us in poor health, both mentally and physically, and to keep us in a lower vibrational state. There is no way we are going to accomplish anything with loud protest or appeal to business entities that call themselves "government agencies." Action must be taken by neutralizing the sources of deadly energy with orgone energy.


In April of 2014, Team Chembow decided there was nothing to lose by making a few pieces of orgonite and seeing what would happen to clear air pollution and restore rainfall in Southern California. What happened was beyond our best hopes.  Within about 20 minutes of putting together a tray of 5 orgonite pieces, with the resin still wet and curing, the blanket of flat and lifeless clouds over our house opened up, revealing a hole of blue sky stretching for about a one mile radius. Over the next week, even more astounding results were witnessed, including a rain despite heavy rain suppression efforts. Links to some of the most interesting events documented on our blog site can be found at the bottom of this page, as well as gifting projects we have done.  Please see the blog for day by day observations documenting orgonite made and deployed with photos and text observations, satellite imagery, and weather changes.


Orgone energy was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s, when he measured a bio-electrical charge in his patients. This energy was previously known by other names, such as prana or chi. Reich used this discovery to treat cancer with the Orgone Accumulator and to promote rain in drought stricken areas with an invention called the Cloudbuster. He found that what he termed DOR, or deadly radiation, was the cause of drought and air pollution. DOR is immobilized life force energy, or the opposite of orgone (OR). The major source of DOR today is the EMF from cell phone towers and our wireless devices. Nuclear radiation was a major source of DOR Reich encountered in his research in the desert. He discovered that by increasing the healthy orgone energy of an organism or the environment, diseases could be cured, and the Earth could be healed. He determined that deserts were an artificial creation caused by energetic terraforming operations by off-world entities. This was discovered when he saw that UFOs were directly involved in energetically polluting the desert in Arizona with DOR. As he cleaned the DOR, "smog" lifted, healthy clouds formed, green grass grew again, and the UFOs retreated. He reported his findings to the US Air Force and published his most important work, Contact With Space, in 1957, his last year of life. Orgone energy would be the cure for deserts, as Reich found that green prairie grass grew as he worked with his Cloudbuster, even before any rain had fallen. Just by restoring life force energy, the Earth began to heal from eons of terraforming.

Reich's work was ridiculed and suppressed, as has been the work of any scientist studying free energy, non-physical phenomena, and UFO activity. He was jailed after years of persecution by the FDA over his work with orgone energy. His laboratory was destroyed, his books were burned, and he died in jail in 1957. We are grateful to Dr. Reich for his discoveries, which already have and will continue to save many lives from the energetic and weather warfare which has been going on for longer than we know. The world is now ready for his ideas, and in the 1990s, a device called orgonite was invented based on Reich's ideas of combining organic and inorganic materials together to generate orgone energy. This device is attributed to Karl Welz, who trademarked the word "orgonite" in 2003, but based on his attacks on orgonite makers worldwide, we have reason to believe he is not the actual inventor. Many people have been making and gifting orgonite for years, including Dowin Gardner and Georg Ritschl. Orgonite gifting was first widely discussed and promoted in the early 2000's by Don and Carol Croft.

How does orgonite work?  Orgonite is made from quartz crystals, metal shavings, and a copper coil in a polyester or epoxy resin. Any type of crystal can be used, but quartz is the most effective, due to it's piezoelectric properties, meaning its energy is amplified by putting pressure on it. We use quartz in all of our orgonite pieces, even if there also is a crystal other than quartz included. When the resin catalyzes around the crystal, the compression activates its natural orgone energy. The fine metal shavings amplify the energy, and the copper coil assists in the "electro-momentum" and negatively ionizing properties of orgonite. Negative ions clean the air, create a relaxing environment, and promote the hydrogen bonding of water molecules for cloud formation and rainfall. Orgone energy is free and is perpetually generated by orgonite. Occasionally you may rinse the orgonite in water to recharge, but this is not necessary, as our orgonite distributed into the environment doesn't receive any special care, but continues to do its work, confirmed by revisiting the places we've gridded and hearing positive reports from residents of those places.


Orgone energy attenuates EMF, making it less disruptive to the body's bio-energetic process. This is why so many people report better sleep when keeping an orgonite pyramid next to the bed, and even a reduction in various health problems such as asthma, chronic pain, tinnitus, and depression. Orgone energy is also the Earth’s natural defense against pollution, as well as being a healthy, negatively ionizing technology, which promotes cloud formation and rain as pollution is removed from the atmosphere. Sometimes you will see wispy funnel shaped clouds as the sky clears, due to the spiraling shape of orgone energy. When you see this, it means that orgone energy is working against the deadly energy, removing any pollutants as it neutralizes EMF from cell tower arrays which cause stagnant air and lingering pollution. EMF is positively ionizing, which means there are excess electrons thrown into the atmosphere. This inhibits cloud formation and causes smog to linger. Orgone energy changes this by negatively ionizing the atmosphere, which removes pollution and allows the hydrogen bond between water molecules to form clouds and rain.

The area covered by the protective field of the orgonite varies depending on the size and quality of the orgonite, the quantity of the distribution, and how much EMF needs to be neutralized. One small pyramid is enough to provide protection for a room, and has even been recorded clearing a significant area of sky of energetic pollution, when placed in a new area which did not have any orgonite before. To see major weather changes and a reversal of the effects of deadly radiation in the atmosphere, a much more widespread distribution is necessary. With about a dozen or so small pieces in your town, usually rough towerbusters around 3 ounces each, you will already see a significant cleaning of the sky, especially when they are placed near a major source of EMF, such as a cell phone tower. It only took a dozen small pyramids added to whatever orgonite was already in the area to bring our first rain back to Los Angeles in the spring of 2014.


It's a good idea to do maintenance gifting as new DOR sources are added to an area and to create new orgone energy rushes. Areas that are newly gifted may receive more energetic attacks than before, as the parasites want to destroy the life force and keep the control grid functioning. If an area is very heavily gridded with orgonite, as we have done in Los Angeles, with hundreds of pieces, you will see with regularity, clear blue skies, transmuting clouds as the sky is cleaned, and "chemtrails" which completely fall apart. Focusing on neutralizing cell towers is the most effective way of bringing about this climate restoration, at the same time as helping communities to reduce the dangerous effects of EMF. Having distributed around 8000 orgonite towerbusters to California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah as of the summer of 2023, along with the work others have been doing, we have seen a return of rainfall, record breaking rains and snows, healthy skies, improved air quality, and an end to the engineered drought in California and the western US.


From the amazing results we have seen through making and gifting large amounts of orgonite, we can say with certainty that this free energy has already ended the artificially hot and dry climate of this world. Orgone energy also neutralizes EMF from smartphones, cell towers, wifi routers, and all wireless devices, which also play a role in rain suppression and cause cancer and many other health and consciousness problems. We could not live without orgonite now that we have experienced what it does! We can sleep through the night for the first time in years, and we now have a way to alleviate the physical and mental symptoms of energetic assaults. It is rare now that the parasites can break the strong orgone barrier in California, and even when they do through relentless DOR bombardment, it is quickly transmuted and no longer poses a threat. It's important to remember that they will never stop energetically polluting, and that we need to continue the clean up until we've completely saturated the Earth with orgonite. We're well on our way to that day.

Please take a look at the posts by clicking on the link below, originally from my blog, Somewhere Under the Chembow. These are some highlights of our work in fighting the weather war, which is much more than just about the weather. You will also find links on this page which will help you to gain a better understanding of orgone energy and get you started on making your own devices. Once you have orgonite, your life is changed forever. It does more than clean the air. It cleans the pollution out of your mind and you can see clearly for the first time in years. As we need vitamin supplements in a polluted world where food is lacking in nutrients, we also need the energetic supplement of orgonite in a world where natural energy centers have been targeted with DOR sources. Our world is so effected by dangerous energies, that we need a tool which generates our own life force energy to boost our energy and the Earth's back to where it should be and beyond.


Don Croft has said that orgone energy would free the world from global tyranny. By removing the mind controlling noise of EMF and opening up higher awareness, we realize our own power and potential and the control systems crumble. It is our own minds they are using against us. Losing our addiction to DOR by rejecting the poison of cell phones and other mind suppressing devices, and learning about the suppressed science of orgone energy, is our key to liberation. This is where the fear ends and we see that everything is energy and that energy can be turned in an instant.

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