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Orgonite is the energetic solution for ending drought and air pollution, and easing the effects of EMF on the mind and body. It's amazing something like this exists! We can finally restore the weather anywhere, breathe clean air, and feel healthier and more alive every day.

We made our first orgonite in 2014 in an experiment to see if it really did remove air pollution as its proponents claimed. The results were more than we could have imagined. Within about 20 minutes of putting together just five orgonite pieces, and before they had even cured, the flat haze above our house opened up to reveal a blue sky. Over the next week, even more astounding results were witnessed, including rain in a period of drought.


Basic orgonite is made from quartz crystals, metal shavings, and a copper coil in a polyester or epoxy resin. The orgone energy energy of the crystals and metals is amplified by the resin putting pressure on them. Orgonite is a generator of orgone energy, also known as chi, or the life force energy. It is used to neutralize the effects of EMF by creating a counter-field of healthy life force energy.


Orgone energy was rediscovered by Wilhelm Reich, who used it to treat cancer with his Orgone Accumulator and to promote rain with the Cloudbuster. He discovered our mind body connection through our life force energy and how we must have a healthy and flowing orgone energy (OR) to be healthy and happy.

Wilhelm Reich also discovered that there is an opposite energy to OR, called DOR. This stands for "deadly orgone radiation" and is what Reich described as the energy of death, like nuclear radiation or EMF. DOR was responsible for many health problems and drought because it negated the natural OR field of the earth, which is needed for us and our atmosphere to function properly. DOR is not actually a type of orgone energy, of which there is only one, but is like OR in that it is inter-dimensional, goes through matter, and is deeply connected with the human mind and its latent ability to manifest from the subconscious world into the physical world.

We use orgonite similarly to how Reich used the Accumulator for human health, and the Cloudbuster for the environment. When used outside, you can see the orgonite in action by watching the reaction of the clouds, air pollution, and even the flight of planes. In your home, you will feel a quieting of the energy, not just for you but for people around you. We and others have experienced better sleep and better health with orgonite, as well as more harmonious living environments.

The science discovered by Wilhelm Reich lives on today through this simple energy device. The idea of orgonite gifting was first made popular by Don and Carol Croft, and today we and many other people are gifting orgonite to help their entire community have abundant rainfall, clean air, and a peaceful environment. Try bringing orgonite into your home and see what it does for you. You can get orgonite from our shop or make your own using our tutorials!

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