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Here is a great intro into orgone energy in which we were interviewed on the Viceland TV show, "Mr. Tachyon" in an episode called "Can Orgone Energy Reduce Stress?" The answer proved to be yes! You can see our own orgonite in an ice test and watch participants benefit from time in an orgone accumulator in controlled lab tests. This is a balanced look at how orgonite works on us and how you can improve your life by bringing orgonite into your home.

Mr. Tachyon on Viceland - Can Orgone Energy Reduce Stress?

How to make orgonite pyramids

An early video we made in 2015 on how to make orgonite flat topped pyramids just like ours. This is a great place to start learning to make orgonite because we use an easy crafting resin with a simple mixing ratio. This is a low fume to no fume option perfect for new orgonite makers.

How to make orgonite towerbusters

Our towerbuster tutorial is a very popular video many have used to learn to make simple TBs for gifting. Once you've mastered crafting resin, you can use any resin. This is a little more advanced and requires a well ventilated space and a respirator. TBs are inexpensive to make and the best orgonite for use in the environment.

Information from Other Teachers

Rainbow Thunder Heart aka Benny Lebeau & Blue Thunder (1950-2016)

In 2004, Rainbow Thunder Heart held medicine wheel ceremonies in Big Bear, California to heal a drought. With the help of the community and Aztec dancers from LA, they worked with the crystal medicine wheel and did rain dances bringing about a great snow storm, effectively stopping a local cloud seeding operation, which was then deemed unnecessary. He taught us about the ley lines of the Earth and how there are sacred sites all over the planet that are part of a greater medicine wheel. His life's work was to conduct ceremonies at these sites to heal the Earth's energy and restore the natural balance. Watch the documentary, Healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites.

devils tower.jpg

There are No Forests on Earth

Watch the English dubbed version of the original Russian video about a theory of a silicon era of life on Earth. You will never see the landscape of the Earth the same way again. In ancient times, according to this documentary, the Earth was covered by giant forests of silicon based trees, which were all catastrophically destroyed by a parasitic invasion of our world. This information is an important piece of the puzzle as to how we got to the present day planetary emergency and why it is so vital that we take action to heal our world. This version of the film is beautifully narrated by Rhonda Fairman and was produced by Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole. Watch There are No Forests on Earth and transform your mind.


Obolix, an alternate orgone energy tool

The obolix was invented by Lusor Joculator Basiliensis, otherwise known as Ea, in 2010. This is an energy tool that anyone can make, like orgonite, with a slightly different function. The obolix is a quartz crystal wrapped in layers of the noble metals. It works with the sun's ionizing rays to create a clear atmosphere and balance the weather. Ea's Vimeo and YouTube pages include how to make an obolix and the remarkable results of his work. His artistic documentation of the beauty of the sky featuring his own accordion music and singing are a moving tribute to the power of orgone energy. Bridges for Archangels and Endless Waters show the culmination of his work in the Swiss Alps.

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