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Turn a Cell Tower into a Cloudbuster (for next to nothing!)

March 30, 2023

6.13.15 tower & healthy sky.jpg



We have reached a turning point in the orgonite gifting effort in just the past few months, with this winter marking the start of a new climate for the western USA, especially California. This new climate is, in fact, really an old climate, or the original climate of California before weather manipulation. The manipulation of the weather was an ongoing process, covering millennia, and not just a modern phenomenon due to cloud seeding or “geoengineering.” The weather of the US west has been kept artificially dry and warm but now that is changing.


Many people are aware that something is wrong with the climate, but that the “climate change” rhetoric of the mainstream media is off base, but they don’t understand why. People can see that precipitation has increased, because this is obvious, despite the media’s constant attempts to pretend things have not changed or that this increase in precipitation is a fluke. People can also see that it’s getting colder in previously warm places and warmer in previously cold places, not “global warming” across the board, but an “evening out” of the weather. This change is the restoration of the balanced climate the world knew before energetic changes to the atmosphere caused today’s world of extremes, from deserts to rainforests, from drought to deluge.


Impact of Towerbusting on Weather and Climate


Eight years of orgonite gifting by Team Chembow (Gabe and I) in the US west along with the work of other orgonite gifters in North America and around the world has brought about historic weather changes worldwide. The impact of the energy devices increases exponentially with every piece of orgonite added to the grid. The closer together the pieces are and the more concentrated the grid, the stronger the field of protection for all of us, and for our planet.


As of early 2023, a new orgone threshold has been reached. We’ve seen record shattering rain and snow in the west from the summer of 2022 through the winter of 2023, and this is just the beginning of a whole new climate. Drought is a thing of the past, and wildfires will be less possible every year as the gap between the winter rainy season and the monsoon season narrows. In August, after gifting Salt Lake City with a complete towerbuster grid, and covering new parts of I-80 and I-15, Bonneville Salt Flats became a lake, washing out Speed Week and sending the race car enthusiasts looking for dry ground. The monsoon season was already powerful due to previous work, especially Project Monsoon in Phoenix, AZ in June of 2021. This year there was even more rain and flooding in more places, reaching farther north and farther west than ever before. This winter has been California’s second snowiest on record (so far) with 713.8 inches of snow (59.48 feet) reported by UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab! The snowiest year was during Wilhelm Reich’s time (no coincidence) in 1952 with 812 inches of snow (67.7 feet).


Bonneville Salt Flats as a lake

tulare lake.jpg

Tulare Lake in Central California... a lake once more

The Joy of Towerbusting


In December of 2014, Dowin Gardner, author of The Science of Rain, noted based on California weather reports, the “orgone threshold has been reached.” This was after our first season of heavy orgonite gifting in Los Angeles. We had already recorded remarkable changes in the weather since April 19, 2014, the day we made our first orgonite. We did our first towerbusting mission in Baldwin Hills on August 25, 2014 on a beautiful walk in the park under skies that I perceived as “ugly” because I didn’t yet know how to read orgone energy’s effects on the clouds.


As we hid towerbusters randomly, we came upon the cell tower array at the top of the hill. I remembered hearing somewhere that these were the things we were supposed to gift with orgonite. So we gifted our first towers and the sky started swirling and dancing in the orgone energy, as the process of transmutation cleaned air pollution and made the clouds come together out of the haze. From that day on, we turned our focus to where the most cell towers were in order to make the biggest difference possible in the weather and air quality. We became extremely efficient urban orgonite gifters, towerbusting our home city by bike and bus, leaving no tower unbusted. By the end of 2014, we had seen a dramatic transformation in air quality and precipitation in LA.


Leaving aside our massive gifting projects from 2015 through 2023 across seven states, just those first few months of making and gifting orgonite had an enormous impact on ending drought in California. Every piece of orgonite counts and gifting orgonite is ultimately a gift to yourself. When an orgonite towerbuster is placed near a cell tower, its effects are magnified, bringing about dramatic weather changes. Try gifting a few local cell towers on a day with a flat and hazy sky. Watch and observe the sky continuously during the process and take photos so you can study them later. The process the sky undergoes is not obvious at first, but once you see it, you’ll see it all the time. You will see spirals in the haze, a breaking up of the haze, and the formation of puffy clouds. Once the clouds and sky are completely separated and you have clear, deep blue sky and small, puffy white clouds, the whole thing evaporates. The OR clouds that form as the energy of the sky shifts to OR were named “vacuus clouds” by the inventor of the obolix, an orgone device using a metal wrapped quartz crystal, because they evaporate and do not produce rain.

12.19.14 beautiful evening transmutation.jpg
7.11.18 sunset red weird clouds 2.jpg

Examples of disappearing OR clouds, a late stage of OR transmutation

11.9.14 obolix clean sky.jpg

The next phase after the OR shift and clearing is natural weather. This is variable depending on the season and location. It may be sunny and clear, but more often it becomes cloudy with rain clouds. It may rain right after gifting or within a few days, depending on the strength of the OR shift. Regardless, the result will be a healthy sky without lingering trails from the bright flying objects we perceive as “planes.” Often right after gifting orgonite, you will see more of these planes than usual, as they try to escape from the new influx of OR before it becomes to strong. Then you will see a decrease and eventually, as we see today in California on many days, a complete absence of planes.


A Mega-Cloudbuster for a Few Bucks


Many people want their own cloudbuster similar to the one Wilhelm Reich used in his cloudbusting operations to make rain and clear the atmosphere. Wilhelm’s Cloudbuster could only be operated by a trained professional since its effects on the weather could be too extreme if not handled with care. In the early 2000s, Don Croft and his followers started using an orgonite version of the Cloudbuster, a large orgonite base with six tall copper pipes, each containing a quartz point, aimed up at the sky. This version does not have the complications and potentially dangerous effects of the Wilhelm Reich version.


The original Cloudbuster could be potentially dangerous to the operator because of radioactive material used to agitate the orgone energy. Orgone energy naturally fights deadly radiation, so when used together, the orgone becomes excited and its effects are amplified. The orgonite version of the cloudbuster is a large piece of orgonite and is not a machine requiring special skills. Anyone can have one in their yard. It’s said to affect a radius of up to 75 miles, but this is not something one can prove. The cloudbuster also costs a few hundred dollars compared with a few dollars for a TB, which can be used to turn a cell tower into an intensely powerful orgone energy generator. The placement of the orgone device is far more important than the size of it. A well placed TB has much more impact than a cloudbuster! So we recommend just gifting the towers for the best effect.


Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster


Orgonite Cloudbuster

cell tower OR sky.png

Common cell phone tower with OR sky

When you place a TB near a cell tower, you create a cloudbuster out of that tower! Think about the power of a cell tower and how wide reaching that signal is. The signal is not just for communication, but also generates DOR to create a stagnant atmosphere, restricting water vapor from forming into clouds. This is that hazy sky that some people think is caused by “chemtrails.” The trails are not the cause, but are just part of the flat haze that exists due to DOR conditions restricting cloud formation and holding in air pollution. You will see the trails breaking and clearing as the clouds come together out of the haze when the energy shifts to OR.


The power of the tower can be flipped in an instant by gifting it with a piece of properly made orgonite. For a few dollars, you can make a simple towerbuster, place it next to that monstrosity, and watch the weather control grid fail. The former weather control tower is now malfunctioning and doing the opposite of what it was designed to do! It is really the orgonite doing the work, but using the power of the larger transmitter to amplify itself. The orgonite generates an energy which is a counter-field to that of the tower, cancelling it out like white noise at the right frequency cancels out noise pollution. It doesn’t block it, but neutralizes it, and actually overtakes it, literally hijacking the power of the tower to increase its radius of effectiveness.


When I say “hijacking” the tower, this is just energetically. There are no laws being broken, except maybe “littering,” which is why we avoid cameras and discreetly place them in bushes or other places where they won’t be found. We also refrain from cell phone use to stay off the radar while gifting, and never use GPS. Towerbusting is a great activity to try for the first time on the down low, like when you’re out grocery shopping. Inevitably, you will either park in a lot with a cell tower, or pass one while driving. If you take a parking space next to a thick bush (junipers and rosemary are great choices) and just subtly stick that TB into the bush as you’re getting your shopping bags from the car, no one will ever see it. Then you can watch the sky change during the day. For complete gifting instructions, including how and where to place them, please see our Gifting 101.


Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and be observant. Rather than expecting a certain outcome or trying to custom create your weather, be scientific and check out what actually happens. You can keep track of what you see with photos and a journal, like I do in my blog, Somewhere Under the Chembow. Keep adding TBs little by little in your neighborhood, specifically near the cell towers and continue to track the results. Your local weather forecast may become a lot more interesting now!


We have gifted approximately 8000 TBs, or an average of 1000 per year since 2014. Imagine if 1000 people gifted one TB each. How easy it would be to achieve what the two of us do in one year in just a moment! Ea, the inventor of the obolix said on his website, Project Obolix: “One man, one village, one obolix.” The same goes for orgonite. That’s all it takes. Just imagine if everyone gifted just one towerbuster! There would never be a drought anywhere on Earth again. Now you have the knowledge to create one giant cloudbuster for yourself and your community.

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