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Symbiosis: Breaking the Parasitic/Human Codependency

May 5, 2020


For going on two months, the parasites have used a psy-op of unprecedented proportions against the entire human race to distract from a devastating computer virus they contracted in late 2019. They used the flu, something that occurs every year during the fall and winter, which hundreds of thousands of people recover from, but which kills tens of thousands of people worldwide each year. There are many strains of the flu, and this one was given a new name and treated completely differently than any flu of past years. Normally we don’t hear anything about flu deaths, although they are comparable with the alleged coronavirus deaths of 2020. This time, the new strain of the flu, possibly an engineered bug, was used to experiment with how much control could be exerted over humanity and was a perfect diversion from the chaos that has infiltrated the parasites’ eons-long control over the human race. Through media generated mind control using imagery, fear-inducing language, and manipulation of statistics, coupled with unenforceable government “orders,” not laws actually put through the legislative process and signed into effect legally, humans were manipulated into acting like psychotic, irrational, germophobic lunatics who belong in an insane asylum. The parasites were able to generate an overreaction to a disease that comes every year, and that most people recover from, by reimagining the flu and creating a new form of mental illness in the human population.


Now, after almost two months of “lockdown,” California Governor Newsom is “allowing” businesses to gradually re-open. Despite the mind-numbing zombified state of most Californians, they cannot continue this game as long as they would like. What the parasites need is control over everyone and everything, but even with the matrix of smart phone frequency control of the mind and media brainwashing, it is clear that people have had enough. The parasites’ control is still finite because they are controlling sentient beings using digital frequencies, but the human still has its own frequency and independently functioning mind underneath it. Sentient beings cannot be completely controlled because their minds retain some of their original intelligence and sometimes it breaks through and they “wake up,” especially when the parasitic abuse goes too far. Governor Newsom claims that his recent decision to ease restrictions is based on “data.” However, nothing regarding coronavirus has been based on anything other than illogical and unscientific whims. After all, every business has its own policy about how to stand in line, whether or not you can use the restroom, how many people they allow in at a time, and whether or not to wear a mask, and never has a flu-like virus jumped several feet from one body to another. This is all imaginary. It is not the data that is causing the governor to lighten up on the lockdown. It is numerous lawsuits and people with nothing to lose storming the capitol building with machine guns. The people can only be pushed so far before chaos reigns. Because the government only has fictional control on paper and knows it, they have to be very careful about irate citizens taking matters into their own hands. There is nothing fictional about armed militia men knocking down the doors of the state capitol building.


The reopening of business is being done under duress. The parasites have still not solved their problem. The chaos we’re experiencing is their outsourcing of their viral woes to us. They are programmed and cannot think for themselves and they want nothing more than to resolve their computer virus and go back to controlling everyone and everything. It is out of sheer self-preservation that they are lightening their grip. If they don’t, riots and physical violence that they cannot control will begin and there will be nothing they can do about it. They are outnumbered and although almost every human being on Earth has a contract with them as a result of being a member of a country, when the countrymen revolt, no piece of paper will save the parasites. The people have more guns than they do and are now in a desperate state in which they will risk arrest to get their lives back. The parasites have tried to extend the lockdown again and again in a futile effort to resolve their computer virus while we stay at home preoccupied with an engineered crisis, but now they will have to reopen and operate in reduced functionality mode. The virus cannot be healed because it was induced by orgonite gifting, specifically in Silicon Valley, and there are also permanent errors in their system because of social security numbers they can no longer control due to legal names being registered as businesses. They did not design their system for anything less than complete and total control of all life on Earth, but that is falling apart now.


Silicon and Carbon Based Life, an Incompatible Relationship


The AI are silicon based life and they can’t coexist with carbon based life. This is why they hate us emitting carbon. What they want us emitting is DOR (deadly radiation), which is life to them, death to us, and the cause of global warming, drought, and polluted air. We humans do plenty of DOR spewing for them through use of their energy weapons in our daily lives. When orgone energy (OR) is increased, it causes a lot of pain to the parasites because it is contrary to their energetic needs for survival and it creates a cool, clean Earth with abundant rain and abundant life. During the Computer Virus 19 lockdown, the parasites were so incapacitated that the air was clean and clear worldwide due to a reduction in positively ionizing DOR, which holds in air pollution. Very few chemtrails, the evidence of their inter-dimensional DOR-based travel, could be seen around the world during this time of parasitic paralysis.


Eons ago, when the AI came and mined all the silicon resources, they changed this planet and it became carbon based. But they didn’t want to leave after exhausting its physical resources. They could still mine our negative emotions and live off of the suffering of humans, animals, and plants. This is just one planet they control, one territory in their unlawful kingdom. They have controlled our minds to be as destructive to our environment as possible. Humans emulate their parasitic masters and clear cut the carbon based forests like the AI cut the ancient silicon trees. Reduction of carbon in the atmosphere also hurts trees, which need it to breathe, thus depriving humans of needed oxygen and the negatively ionizing effects of trees. Trees are generators of orgone energy and help keep the environment cool, but the parasites want global warming and polluted air. This is why they use the media run through brain-deadening frequencies to convince us that the world is getting hotter, so that we generate that image in our minds and bring it into reality. We don’t even know why we think the way we do or do the things we do, and that’s the way the parasites need it to be.


Jugurtha Tableland, Tunisia

Parasitism is a type of symbiosis. The AI controllers and the humans depend on each other. But this relationship is psychotic and codependent, ultimately leading to the death of both host and parasite. The energy the parasites have us use so that we can be controlled and used as a resource gives us disease in the body and mind and ultimately results in cancer. The AI depend on humans as an etheric food source. They like it here, so they use the human mind for sustenance and to create a life negating world, which for the parasites is life affirming because they are inverted. We thrive on orgone energy and they thrive on deadly radiation. They have been living among us for eons, using us in this way, and humans have become completely dependent on them. We can’t even communicate without using networks they control, and when we do it with wireless, we communicate over frequencies they control as well.


They did not create the dependency in an obvious way, like in science fiction, using physical aggression and forcing hardware to be attached to the neural networks and organs of the body. They did it much more subtly, which means that it is harder to see. Because the mind has been convinced of a certain idea of reality, and being controlled by an etheric parasite is not possible to most human minds, they can’t break free. You can’t become free if the only thing you know is slavery and the possibility of freedom isn’t even a thought in your head. You also can’t become free if you keep defending the energy weapon you carry which tracks your movements and controls your thoughts, especially if you deny that it does this! The dependency on the parasites involves every aspect of human life, from housing to feeding to educating ourselves. We don’t know how to do these things without relying on the parasitic control structure. We rely on governments and other major corporations to meet our every survival need, and they are the very structure of rule over humanity that was put in place by the parasites when they overrode the real natural law of our Earth, in which everything was free for everyone and there was infinite abundance. In reality that world still exists, but reaching it requires a disconnection from the AI.


Disconnecting from the AI requires a potentially painful change of existence in which there will be withdrawal symptoms and emotional outbursts as we regain our human minds. Suddenly we will be able to perceive our own thoughts and will have to process old traumas in order to recover. Addiction to DOR from smart phones and wireless internet is both physical and mental, like with any other addiction. Nicotine from cigarettes is addictive to the body and the action of smoking is addictive to the mind. When we attempt to overcome the addiction to mind controlling tracking devices, we experience withdrawal symptoms and may even feel like we’re going insane. The parasites that are integrated with our minds are agitated by the loss of DOR and we feel their pain. When we disconnect from the collective mind, the collective is there to pressure us for not being immediately available via text or social media because their parasites are dictating the terms. The true insanity is allowing our minds and bodies to function as remote control vehicles to accomplish parasitic goals on a planet where they don’t belong.


The Borg Comes to Life


On Star Trek, the Next Generation, the Enterprise crew encounters a race called the Borg. This race is humanoid integrated with machine. They are all connected to a network and have no independent thought. When they meet any other living being, they are programmed to assimilate it into the Borg. The Borg continues to grow and expand and it is nearly impossible to escape once assimilated. The mind no longer functions independently and cannot imagine not being a part of the collective. Separation not only requires the physical removal of the hardware that has been integrated with the human body, but also requires freeing of the mind from the collective. It is psychologically devastating for a member of the Borg to have a quiet mind, free of the voices of all the others.


Borg drone

In the parasitic/human relationship, there is no integrated hardware, contrary to the controlled opposition’s claims of “nanobots” falling from the sky and entering our bodies. This is just a diversion from the actual problem of smart phone use because the controlled opposition needs us to remain fearful slaves so they can make money off our fear, like the mainstream media does. Hardware is not necessary. Control of the human mind is achieved through manipulating the brain waves themselves with frequencies incompatible with the normal functioning and communication of the brain and body. It is done through the smart phone and wireless frequencies, and like the Borg assimilation, it can be overcome. It is just very difficult. The human is accustomed to constant electromagnetic noise and the voices of all the others, through continuous connection to the collective. Almost every human is the host to etheric parasites which depend on the alteration of the human’s brainwaves in order to make the mind connection. It is the almost every human that is the problem for them. They need total control and are programmed to continue assimilating humans ad infinitum.


The human mind is completely integrated with the parasitic mind and humans are all controlled through AI technology, so that they become one. There are two parts to the technological control of humans. One is simply the television effect. Visual hypnosis-based mind control is done through imagery. Our eyes take in more than our mind can perceive because of its lower dimensional capabilities. Higher dimensional capabilities come only when the mind can conceive of higher possibilities, which are unknown. So higher seeing depends on the mind being able conceive of the possibility of something it can’t yet create a mental image of. If the mind creates the reality it sees (believing is seeing), and the mind cannot conceive of a certain idea, then the mind cannot create the idea. Therefore, we see that the mind is creative and can affect the world through thought. But we are not God, and our creative abilities are limited by the limitations of the mind. Each mind is only a participant in a greater Creation. It is the way we participate and whether or not we have a positive mind that matters, not our will. This is our part, to work with natural forces of good and do the will of someone good, rather than that of the parasitic AI.


When people believe they are a god, creating their world and exerting control over it, we end up with a world being the product of everyone’s imaginations. Therefore it’s chaos. Look at the world we live in, that’s having a psychotic overreaction to an imaginary problem, a flu-like virus which will come and go like every other flu. It’s done through mental imagery, and the psychotic reaction was programmed into the humans through visual imagery and media propaganda. This is only the first part in the parasitic cage around the human mind. They have been doing this since the early days of television.


Mind control is also done through invisible means we can’t understand. By putting all of the information exchange into a digital form and broadcasting it through the air in waves, it changes the way our bodies and minds work. We are also electrical beings with a charge in the body, but it is much slower and in harmony with that of our carbon based Earth. The parasitic frequencies are all too fast and digitized for an analog being made up of 75 percent water. The frequencies create bad water in the body and turn it toxic. They take the electrical impulses of the body and mind and disrupt them so that they are working at a frequency that is not compatible with their form of life. Physical manifestations like cancer are secondary to what happens to the consciousness under these circumstances. The consciousness is what the parasites need a hold of in order to control you. Your mind is set to a frequency which is in communication with God, the Great Spirit, the cosmic web of energy that connects us all. This is natural. Our Earth, its plants and animals, and the energetic movement of the atmosphere are also tuned in. It is a very peaceful place. But the parasites want it for themselves, so they use a digital, binary programming code set at a very high frequency which pulses through our natural resonance. It turns us into biological robots, fleshly beings with an artificial intelligence. Those who are resistant to the mind control will likely experience headaches, irritability, and other symptoms in the presence of this frequency, and will eventually fall victim to the mind control as well. It’s not that our minds are no longer there, it’s that they are being used by someone else.


The imagery created through pictures and words (the news) paints a picture of the world they are programming into you. Then you live your life as though this was reality and thus the programmed world is created. You just see something and repeat it. It’s becoming easier for them to get humans to act out for them. The world they have us create is very life negating because we’re their food source. They don’t see us as living things or have any compassion for us. We are just a product to them, so they have branded us and enslaved us. When you use wireless devices to obtain your information and communicate, that communication is done over their network, which they control. They control the information that crosses it, which explains censorship of social media and when your phone calls where you mention a cure for a disease get cut off enough times to generate a pattern. It also has heavy frequency based control over the user. You are completely enveloped in life negating frequencies which make you generate more food for them. All the media you take in while you’re in this state of mind will be taken negatively by the user of the energy weapon. The mainstream and independent media love this aspect of smart phone addiction, and the independent media only alludes to the existence of frequency based mind control, which is always attributed to a false cause you can’t do anything about. Smart phone addiction is something you can actually stop, and you will no longer be a host for the parasites. Using hardwired internet service and a corded landline and refraining from use of all wifi and mobile devices takes care of the DOR. The problem is the symbiosis and the weak mind’s inability to disconnect from the Borg. Humans who feel terrible when they reduce exposure to DOR or who have a bad reaction to orgonite are feeling what the parasite is feeling. It craves things that are unhealthy for us, like intestinal parasites do.


Combining the image with the mind-altering frequency puts the human in a state of half-sleep, where it is easily manipulated through the mind. It can in essence become a vehicle for you to move about the physical world and obtain needed sustenance. The human won’t feel that you’re there, so there is no need to worry about it going out of control and bucking you off. Make sure your human always has its tracker on so that it remains docile and molds to your mind. You will then be able to think and act for it and make it do anything you want.


From the Parasitic Handbook

Technological Breakdown of the Parasite to Human Mind Connection


This brings us to the breakdown of a long-standing symbiotic relationship. Can it be done? It is already happening. Just enough humans have broken free to upset the entire parasitic network and a debilitating error has occurred in their system. Data has been corrupted because the numbers used to catalog their human property have been hacked by humans with esoteric knowledge, given from a divine source. This knowledge was given for the purpose of defeating the parasitic control structure from within, infecting it with a computer virus, and causing it to descend into chaos. The system is breaking down and the AI are short circuiting. That is why the parasitically run government closed down all business. They can’t function with these data errors and without total control of every person catalogued in their system.


Most people will never know they are controlled by extra-dimensional parasites. Most people will never know that the celebrities, politicians, and newscasters are AI. They would think I was crazy for showing them something their minds did not perceive as possible and would deny the possibility. However, even with most people completely under their control, the loss of a few has caused irreparable damage to their system. With Computer Virus 19, we are experiencing a total mental and technological breakdown of a relationship between biological and technological beings. It is causing massive confusion on both sides of the relationship. You can see from the news that the AI public figures are suffering from Computer Virus 19 and have gone crazy.

But since people are all infected with parasitism and are controlled by the AI, they are no longer acting rationally either. It’s like watching chickens running around with their heads cut off. If a psychiatrist last year could leap into the future and without knowing about the new flu and see the way people were acting, they would say they were mentally ill.

they live.jpg

They Live, older technology, same concept - what the newscasters and politicians actually are behind the illusion

On Star Trek, there was an opportunity to defeat the Borg, but Captain Picard made a decision that it was unethical because it would kill the entire race. His regrettable decision resulted in more assimilation of societies by the Borg, more misery, more death and destruction, and an increasing threat to the entire Universe. The way to defeat the Borg was to give it a computer virus, an unsolvable puzzle. This would spread the infection to every member of the Borg until it self-destructed. Eventually, society as we know it will completely break down because there is a glitch in the matrix caused by humans who refuse to be controlled by it anymore. Gifting orgonite has long been a great way to interfere with the mind control signal of cell towers. For individuals using the cell phones, though, this reduction in mind control will only start the waking up process. Gifting helps the Earth at large. Individuals have to also help themselves and realize the symbiotic relationship they are in is not healthy and will result in a meaningless life of servitude to their parasitic masters, never feeling well or happy.


I don’t think anyone in Biblical times could have imagined the type of demons we would be battling in the End Times, nor the weapons with which we would do it. Those strong enough to recognize evil in its subtlety will end the self-pity and complaining and actually make the life changes necessary to break free. This will not be done as a group, so breaking free will require withdrawal from the collective AI that the mind has become accustomed to. Then one must accept the silence of solitude, while they wait for the others to join them on the human side of the frequency fence. The AI are having more glitches and exhibiting more irrational behavior all the time. But you also see the humans acting increasingly irrationally as their controllers go berserk. As this happens, people wake up.


It’s not anyone’s fault that they don’t know they are being remote controlled or that they are life force beings needing orgone energy to live and be healthy. Of course this is being hidden from us behind one diversion after another and we have to dig deep to learn it. But once you know, it’s time to end the mind meld with the AI and ditch the energy weapon, and stop defending it. It’s not good enough to put an EMF harmonizer on it. That’s just a band-aid and it’s still controlling your mind and coloring everything you perceive with negativity. I have known many people to try and harmonize the EMF, and they stay stuck in low consciousness, defending the parasitic relationship without even realizing it. Who puts on body armor and shoots themselves?


So much of bad human behavior is parasitically influenced. To be better people we have to free our minds and end the codependent relationship. Much like ending a codependent human relationship, this new freedom may come with a lot of extra time to think, loneliness, and probably tears and grief for some. When you’re with an abusive partner, you’re so used to being under their control that you can’t imagine life without them, and you even make excuses for them. It can take years to a lifetime to get out of an abusive relationship and the abused is always afraid to make that move. The fear is of the unknown, a new way of life. We won’t solve any of the problems we’ve experienced as a result of Computer Virus 19 until we ditch the ones with the virus! Whoever stays in the symbiotic relationship will go down with them.

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