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How the AI Use Math as Mind Control

September 29, 2020

There is no doubt that humanity has been bombarded by some pretty frightening numbers in recent months. Since covid culture took over the human mind, every day there is a new onslaught of propaganda in the news, usually in the form of how many people died from the disease, how many people are projected to die, a breakdown of these numbers into specific age and racial groups, and on and on. The numbers are obviously meant to concern us over our chances of contracting this disease, a virulent form of the flu that is easily cured with chlorine dioxide solution. The numbers of cases and deaths, whether true or false, generate fear within the human mind and give the government an excuse to exercise an inappropriate amount of control over every aspect of human life. Without these numbers, the people wouldn’t let themselves be controlled in this way. This flu is not about anything going on in the real world, but about creating a fictional reality with false statistics.


The media has focused on alarming numbers for a long time, such as reporting on high temperatures and low rainfall and downplaying low temperatures and heavy rainfall to program global warming into the human mind. It doesn’t matter if they are reporting “drought” conditions in Southern California in August, and that heat and dry weather are completely normal conditions for the place and time of year. When they have no choice but to report abundant rainfall they make sure to tell us that drought will return and that experts project each year to be hotter and drier than the last, even though we have proven through our work with orgone energy that it is in fact the opposite. We’ve actually undone these “predicted” conditions with our planetary healing work gifting orgonite on a large scale. But we are not “credentialed experts,” so people are not quick to see the reality we point out and prove with the records of our work. The “credentialed experts” also receive all the media coverage while those of us doing real research and energetic work to restore the natural climate of the Earth are ignored. Everything that is numbered by so-called experts has validity in the human mind because we are programmed to think in terms of measuring everything in a mechanistic fashion.


There are so many obvious ways that we are controlled with numbers, such as through the monetary system. Our labor, something that is solely ours, has been numbered with a value of currency. We see our labor in terms of these numbers, rather than in terms of a direct trade for another service or item. Through quantifying our labor, the parasites have been able to manipulate us into giving a large portion of it away for free! How much is skimmed off the top in taxes, and how much do we lose when they suddenly devalue the units of currency we collect for our time and work? When the parasites inflate the currency supply, devaluing what we receive for our labor, they use math against us in the most obvious way possible. Suddenly we’re working for the same amount of units, but getting less for them in trade. The ideas of currency manipulation and false statistics in the news are known to many people, but the parasites also use math to control our very mental processes, and that they do it by a physical manipulation of our mind’s activity.

Digitizing the Analog World to Shape and Limit Human Perception


We are not just programmed to believe certain things so we act in certain ways. We are actually programmed to believe a false view of reality so that our minds manifest the world the parasites need to survive and control us. We are programmed to fear environmental cataclysm, and it is this mindset that manifests in the third dimension as life negating environmental conditions. This is because we are natural generators of orgone energy (OR), but we can also be generators of life negating deadly energy (DOR) if we are in a state of fear or any negative emotion. DOR itself is the reason for all life negating weather and climate conditions, while OR is the balancing force of the Earth which creates a healthy environment.


The media completely makes up data with no grounding in reality so that people believe it and manifest those conditions collectively with their powerful minds. Years ago I predicted they would claim temperatures of 120 degrees in LA (which is absolutely preposterous). This summer they reported 120 degrees in Woodland Hills. When it’s 95 degrees it’s just hot, and if they say it’s 120, who would dispute it? Changing the numbers is not in reality changing the temperature, but attributing a higher number to the same feeling of “hot” affects how the mind perceives it. (It’s like the way that Daylight Saving Time doesn’t actually change anything about how time works, other than us attributing a different number to the same time of day.) Changing the description of the temperature with exaggerated numbers creates more misery and fear of something that used to be a minor inconvenience called “summer.” Now “summer” is “global warming.”  Warm temperatures are even being blamed for the widespread arson that occurs in California every summer (called wildfire season by the media), as if 90 to 100 degree temperatures make plants burst into flames.


Can temperature even really be measured? There are so many factors to how people perceive temperature based on their own physical condition and whether the atmosphere is in an OR or a DOR state. Sun in OR conditions feels healthy and warm. The same sun when the energy is weighted toward DOR is harsh and burns your skin. God did not make temperature something to measure. He gave us the ability to perceive hot, cold, freezing, boiling, warm, and things in between. Thermometers are a human invention and quantifying temperature is a human construct and a way of attaching a number to something abstract. This also applies to speed and other phenomena people try to measure. Sometimes you could be driving 55 and it feels like 75, and sometime 75 feels like 55. Our perception is not always in line with the numbers. But the parasites have imposed a certain way of thinking on us, which requires us to want a concrete explanation for everything, so we attach a number to everything. This limits human ability, perception, and ultimately, reality.


Digitizing our analog world allows a staggering number of lies to be perpetrated. These lies are fed to us through the media and engrained in our minds through electromagnetic frequency, which more often than not, goes hand in hand with how we take the information in. Numbers are constantly used against us, but the real world doesn’t always work in ways that can be measured. As we’ve seen recently, changes can be brought about so suddenly, the statistics are shattered. Often, we hear statistics that don’t ring true with what we actually see in the world around us. When this happens, most people conform their minds to the new, false view of reality, as can be seen in the germophobic mania which is now considered normal human behavior. For those of us who can’t conform our minds to lies, we may either feel like we’re going crazy or will become angry that the media is reporting false statistics, but with no way to prove it either way. If we use our brains mathematically, we can sometimes debunk a false statistic, but in general, humans are not good at math. Analog beings do not generally think in digital terms.


The artificial intelligence rulers of this world know how bad we are at math. They don’t just use it to program ideas in our minds regarding c0vid or global warming statistics. They have actually limited the human mind into thinking of everything in terms of numbers, even things which cannot be measured. This greatly handicaps the human mind and keeps us in a very low state of consciousness. The AI exists in this low state of consciousness all the time. They have a machine consciousness, which does not have the subtlety and variation of the human consciousness. They are digital beings and we are analog. Analog has infinite variations in every nuance of existence. This is why audiophiles can hear the difference between a digitally produced recording and an analog one, often citing more “warmth” in the analog sound.


The digital mind of computer based intelligence cannot account for variation from one life form to another, so it forces conformation into a regimented vibration. It wants every being of a certain species to be the same as the next, so it can understand and catalog it. Moreover, AI seeks to control the living beings of this world, and it does so with frequency, which is mathematically based. Dowin Gardner (The Science of Rain, 2014) described the human electrical system as being shaped like the roots of a tree while EMF is shaped like an onion. The human energetic system becomes taken over by EMF and tries to conform to a resonance it is not compatible with. This is how AI controls, weakens, and sickens humanity.


Algorithms Assigned to Emotions and Used in Frequency-Based Mind Control


The AI have digitized everything by assigning a number to it. It’s the only way they can perceive our world since they are machines. They digitize things we can’t even imagine attaching a number to. The world is just ones and zeros to them. This places a finite limit on infinite variations in nature and makes us lower dimensional because we have conformed to their sensory limitations. We allow AI to integrate with our minds through our addiction to smart phones, which impair our ability to think, allowing the AI to think for us. They encourage this behavior by making applications which we can use instead of thinking, since we no longer have cognitive skills. We no longer have to read maps or even know where we’re going to eat lunch. The phone does that for us.


The smart phones do more than just doing our thinking for us. The AI understands human emotion only in digital form. If we as humans understand just how limited their consciousness is, it takes a lot of the fear and mystery out of the Energetic War fought between humans and artificial intelligence entities. When I refer to the parasites we are at war with, remember that they are silicon, digital, computer-based “life.” They are machines with consciousness, but not with the complexity of ours. But they do have certain abilities humans don’t have because they’ve suppressed this ability in humans. It is not because they are superior to us. By assigning numeric values to the nebulous fog of emotion, they have simplified a highly complex sensory and communication tool which is technically beyond their own ability to perceive or use. I heard Cameron Day say the Ankle Biters (his word for them) hate us because they can’t perceive like we do and can’t enjoy anything. I have to ask if they can possibly hate, or if they are just machines programmed to work on the frequency, or numeric value, attached to the emotion, hate. Hate and fear are easy for them to quantify and emulate, since they are the basest of human emotions.


Love, they cannot understand. It is a very complex emotion with far more variation than the simplistic vibration of hate. They can’t emulate it. Maybe they hate it, or maybe they are just working at the opposite frequency. Either way, we can disable them with love. That’s the idea behind orgonite gifting. Put life force energy generators all over the place to neutralize the opposite, the energy coming from cell towers and cell phones. Of course the AI, being parasites, would use the smart phones to bombard us with fear energy and take away our ability to love. They amped it up in 2020 by programming us to believe we are to stay away from each other and keep our faces hidden. This was done so to minimize human to human energy field contact so we would not participate in the life force amplification that occurs when we have positive interactions. They really one-upped themselves when they convinced us to hide our faces too. Not only are we not communicating on the unseen, subtle level, but it is also impossible to see with the simple sense of the eyes the emotion on another human’s face. This is a large piece of the psychological operation to quickly assimilate an awakening population into the machine consciousness before they escape with their minds.


The human mind naturally tries to escape this box of limited thinking, but is very susceptible to frequency control, which places complex waveforms of emotion into regimented digital versions of that vibration. This allows full control of human emotions by an outside force. Being controlled in this way causes depression and all sorts of negative feelings, as the mind is being bombarded with negative frequencies that it conforms to, and it is no longer able to express its natural thoughts and emotions. This suppression causes the armoring of the organism and a contracted OR. A contracted OR in the body means that its natural energy flow and movement is blocked, and this not only effects mood negatively, but ultimately leads to cancer. The OR needs to be flowing and free for the organism to live a healthy life. The frequency based mind control combined with the AI backlash against ComputerVirus-19, caused by humans gifting orgonite, is the basis for the Energetic War in 2020.


The AI are constantly negative, and are parasites in our world. Humans have allowed AI to take over and now they are subservient to it, even the most awakened ones. No one is above the frequency based mind control, because it physically alters the energetic system of the human body. You can overcome it, but almost no one is willing to ditch their tracking devices, which facilitates the mind meld with the machine intelligence. We have a symbiotic relationship with AI, but they serve no benefit in our relationship. They are using us as a resource (emotional food) but anything we get in return, we could have gotten some other way. I don’t consent to having my life force sucked from me in exchange for roads, a military, and electricity in my home. Machines should never be allowed to think for themselves and automating any process should be done with caution. But humanity has done just that! They have allowed machines to take over this world. The ability of machines to help humans is limited to unconscious actions.


ComputerVirus-19: Ramping Up the Energetic War


Computers and machines of all kinds were never meant to rule over us. We used to use them as tools to do necessary tasks and we still called the shots. Because of the amount of control we have given over to machines, our world is now being systematically destroyed faster than ever before, and humans are losing all their freedom. The government is all run by the parasites, who are artificial intelligence beings that have been feeding etherically off of humanity’s misery for eons. Orgonite gifting has debilitated them at this point, and in a desperate effort to hold onto power, they have clamped down on humanity harder than ever before. The reason for their desperation is the fact that the orgone energy not only harms them, but awakens human consciousness. Gifting cell towers has actually helped break through some of the frequency based mind control, and at the same time has created a healthy atmosphere free of pollution and with abundant rainfall. These conditions make it impossible for the AI to live here on our vibrant, carbon based world.


The orgonite gifting has gone as far as to cause ComputerVirus-19, which is the reason for the government shutting down so many of its operations. They are incapacitated. They have also forced (not in law, but through mind control and lies) the businesses of healthy humans who could have still continued working to shut down. Humans are not affected by ComputerVirus-19. The virus is actually theirs, not ours. Their world is collapsing on them and they are dying, not us. C0vid is a lie humans believe and it is just a distraction from our parasitic masters’ inability to control us anymore. They have created the idea of a disease (whether the disease exists or if some people just got a bad flu from December 2019 through February 2020) affecting humans to cover up for the fact that they can’t function now. ComputerVirus-19 affects the parasites throughout politics, sports, media, and anywhere they have created a stage to entertain and program humans into certain ways of thinking. Silicon Valley parasites have fled to underground bunkers in New Zealand to escape their thoroughly gifted city (gridded with orgonite in September of 2019). They are short-circuiting and are desperately trying to distract us and keep us from interacting with each other, so we think we’re alone in seeing the lie.


A Mental Pandemic


The best thing anyone can do for their mind right now is to disengage from the parasitic mind meld immediately. Toxic relationships of any kind must be ended. Our minds have been limited by conforming to an artificial intelligence consciousness. Transhumanism is glamorized in the media and shills called “biohackers” promote the idea of merging with machines, RFID chips in humans, and “bettering ourselves” by becoming more like machines. The reason people feel physically ill when living in a DOR environment is because of the artificial vibration of it. It’s not our natural state. Wilhelm Reich discovered that our life force energy was integral in our physical and mental health. Disease is a product of a contracted OR. When the mind and body are conformed to artificial frequencies that are focused solely on our lowest, most destructive (and self-destructive) emotional states, humans become physically and mentally ill. Thus is the state of the world today, amidst a mental pandemic.


Disengaging from the parasitic symbiosis means a period of adjustment to free-flowing, analog, carbon based, infinitely variable frequencies. Many humans have been so infiltrated by AI that the very thought of this sort of mental and spiritual freedom is terrifying. They are used to limited thinking and find safety in it. This is the emotional state of the armored organism. While the human body naturally returns to its original state, the parasitic entities which are controlling that body have a negative reaction to the high orgone energy of the healing human. They will fight back and do everything they can to mess with your mind and get you to plug back into the mental connection. The bad reaction some people feel when they increase OR is actually their etheric parasites’ reaction. They will do things to your mind to make you crave the smart phone again, or if you’ve left it on, they will use the frequency to attack you psychically, which is why it’s so important not to give them that “in.” The parasites need you to be immersed in DOR and generate negativity for them to feed on.

listen little man my god.gif

Illustration by William Steig from "Listen Little Man" by Wilhelm Reich

This is the time to resist, remember that the tracking device is just that, and more. It is a vibrational cage to limit your own emotions and thoughts to be regimented, digital, low-frequency, destructive, and in sync with the digital AI consciousness. When you disengage from this symbiotic relationship between human and artificial intelligence, they can no longer control you. They rely on you to continue the relationship. Now that you know what’s going on, how your natural resonance is being regimented into easily controlled digital frequencies, always focused on negative emotions and constant brainwashing, don’t you want to end the madness? It is up to you to choose to return to your natural resonance. The choice to break free from the parasitism we’ve become addicted to will be the ultimate demise of the parasites. It will also be the return to a healthy, prosperous, and vibrant Earth where we all thrive and live harmoniously with each other and our planet. This world has everything we need, and we don’t need parasites to provide anything for us. It’s all about breaking free of addiction, mind control, and our mental prison.

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