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COVID-19: Human Flu Bug or Computer Virus Short-Circuiting the AI Overlords?

April 15, 2020


Despite mass media hysteria over a flu virus, government mandated closures of businesses they deem “non-essential,” the shut-down of almost every government owned facility, including parks and schools, and a voluntary self-quarantine made “mandatory,” the world of the humans feels uncommonly calm these days. A new serenity has fallen over our normally chaotic lives, as we take a needed reprieve from the working world and spend more quality time with our family members, cooking healthy meals, relaxing, and doing things we didn’t have time to do before. When we step away from the media-generated hysteria and look around, nothing is actually happening. No one we know has coronavirus, no one we know knows anyone with it, and it seems to be disproportionately affecting celebrities, politicians, and artificial intelligence non-human entities in general. If you are familiar with my work in the etheric war using orgone energy, you will know that in my experience and observation, the false controllers of this world and their celebrity entertainers and spokespersons are not human, but are a humanoid manifestation of the dark entities which have been enslaving the living beings of our planet for eons.


While the economic losses of forced closures of businesses and not being able to work are a burden on many, something in the way the economy works is changing, and even those suffering now from lost wages will ultimately come out of this crisis stronger, with new and improved survival skills, and with better finances. How can I say this? Because something the likes of which we’ve never seen before is happening right now, and this global change is of Biblical proportions. Nothing we need on Earth has actually been destroyed or taken away. Everything is still here, but our access and means of attaining it are changing, and we will have to adapt. This is not a callous statement. It is a fact that the system as we know it is collapsing now. This is why the governments of the world have gone mad with imaginary power and have overstepped the boundaries of which their citizens consider to be an acceptable amount of control over their lives. This collapse and restructuring has been prophesized not only by the Bible, but by prominent economists who have known for a long time that the economic system we have come to depend on is unsustainable.


Predictions of a Sweeping Global Upheaval


Listen to Peter Schiff’s podcast or Mike Maloney’s YouTube channel and you will hear this same message proclaimed by these two economists. You won’t hear this on Fox News or CNN. The housing bubble will pop with Schiff predicting an eventual 50 to 75 percent drop in the price of a house, back to the prices we saw before and after the mid-2000s bubble. According to Mike Maloney and others, the dollar will fall and will eventually become obsolete as every fiat currency has throughout history. When this happens, the world will see the biggest wealth transfer in history, as the Bible also has predicted again and again. There are several examples in the book of Isaiah including verse 5:9: “Surely many houses will be desolate – even grand and fine ones – with no occupants.” This prediction will come true as the rich lose everything because they have depended on a false sense of security in the US dollar and investments in corporations destined to collapse with the entire economic system. Isaiah goes on to describe the wealth transfer in verse 5:17: “The lambs will graze as if in their own pasture, and nomads will eat in the ruins of the wealthy.”


To bring the apocalyptic End Time visions even more plainly to our sight, we have already seen wild animals taking over cities during the coronavirus quarantines, as people are forced to stay indoors and are not allowed to visit with each other or conduct commerce. Throughout the world, deer, wild boar, goats, and wild dogs, including a coyote seen in San Francisco and a jackal in Tel Aviv, have been reported roaming the streets of the abandoned cities. To once again quote Isaiah, in verses 32:14-18 he writes, “For the palace will be abandoned; the bustling city will be deserted; the citadel and watchtower will become a wasteland forever, a delight of wild donkeys, a pasture for flocks, until the Ruach (Holy Spirit) is poured out on us from on high, and the desert becomes a garden, and the garden seems like a forest. Then justice will dwell in the wilderness, and righteousness abide in the garden. The result of righteousness will be shalom (peace) and the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. My people will live in a peaceful place, in secure dwellings, quiet resting places.”


When we think about the apocalypse or the end of times as we know it, it brings cataclysm to mind. We often regard this change with fear. Isaiah is telling us not to, as long as we are righteous. The negative impacts of the change will be felt by the evil ones, the thieves currently running this world and stealing everyone’s wealth. Those of us who live under God’s law (the real law of the natural world) and are simply living our lives, loving and caring for our families, and are doing honest work, will see the situation finally flip in our favor. But this comes with a change of mindset and requires the ability to adapt and make some life changes. We have become too dependent on a system that doesn’t serve us, and in fact perpetuates parasitic rule over our world.


Mass Media Mind Control and an Artificially Generated Panic


Since March, the news has been filled with stories of celebrities and politicians with coronavirus. Tom Hanks was their first choice to “come down with” coronavirus. He made posts on Instagram about having the disease in which he didn’t sound at all concerned. Since then a long list of actors, politicians, and athletes have contracted the virus. There are some stories about regular people with the disease, but these are likely crisis actors, as no one knows anyone who actually has it. There was a video made by an Italian man, who the news actually said was an actor by trade. His sister was in the background lying in bed dead from coronavirus. He recited an over the top monologue about how the Italian government had abandoned him and his family. More recently, videos have appeared online which have shown a hospital set being reused for scenes depicting the epidemic in Italy and in New York. It was the exact same set with all the same items and even the same pan used for both scenes.


If this is in fact a real disease affecting humans, then it is probably a strain of the flu. It has all the characteristics and symptoms of the flu and is coming during flu season. Control of the human mind is very easy for the parasites these days because of smart phone addiction, which destroys the mind’s cognitive abilities and uses EMF to energetically reroute mental channels and program the human mind. This combined with repetition, frightening and often completely made up statistics in the media, and the humans’ natural desire to fit in has created a worldwide panic over a disease which is far less common or deadly than the flu.


The flu deaths in the US during this fall and winter flu season have far surpassed supposed coronavirus deaths. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine’s website, there have been 1,930,780 cases of COVID-19 worldwide with 582,594 cases in the US as of April 14, 2020. In comparison, there are approximately 1 billion cases of the flu worldwide and anywhere from 9.3 to 45 million cases of the flu in the US each year. As of April 14, 2020, COVID-19 has taken 120,450 lives worldwide with 23,649 reported in the US. The flu claims about 291,000 to 646,000 lives each year worldwide, with 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the US. Many cases of the flu are not diagnosed or reported, which is the reason for the wide ranges provided in these statistics. Additionally, we do not know for sure whether coronavirus testing is accurate or if the disease is even real. There is no way for us regular people to know if the scientists are being honest with us. The best we can do is to use our brains and take a moment to calm down and think rationally about what is actually going on in the world.


The media takes any opportunity to generate panic over this disease, using imagery which may or may not actually be related to the disease or deaths. They also easily skew statistics and outright make things up to create an illusion of more deaths than there actually are (there may in fact be zero coronavirus deaths, but rather flu deaths attributed to coronavirus). On April 10, 2020, CNN reported on burials of unclaimed bodies of coronavirus victims on Hart Island, which has been a potter’s field for over 150 years. Images of coffins being laid down in mass graves circulated throughout the news media to create a macabre scene, but in actuality, this is a regular occurrence in the city of New York, and is not unique to the coronavirus outbreak. Normally 25 people per week are buried on the island. Because there have allegedly been so many coronavirus deaths in New York City, they now bury 25 bodies five days a week. However, when you look more deeply into these numbers, it becomes clear that a change in policy has caused more burials at once than an increase in deaths. According to Freddi Goldstein, press secretary for the mayor’s office, bodies normally remain at the city morgue for 30 to 60 days and if they remain unclaimed, are transferred to Hart Island for burial. Now the amount of time for family members to identify the body is only 14 days. Naturally, there would be more bodies going to the graves if they have reduced the amount of time to hold them from one to two months to just two weeks. The increase in burials is due to a change in policy rather than more dead bodies. They will switch it back when they run out of bodies.

ny mass grave.jpg

Mass grave in New York

The independent media does not lose an opportunity to capitalize on this hysteria either. Like the mainstream, they readily create more fear and panic, in this case of government oppression and of a connection between coronavirus and 5G technology. They do not explain how people have gotten themselves into this mess by buying into and paying in to government control of their lives and businesses. They do not offer the solutions to getting out of slavery at the hands of the government by no longer partaking of their services, and by learning the fact that the government cannot legally control them or their businesses. Instead, they continue to promote the illusion of an all-powerful government in order to perpetuate their careers reporting on the government’s activities.


In regard to 5G technology exacerbating coronavirus, the alt media fails to explain that all forms of deadly radiation (DOR) promote all types of illness and that the answer is to reject the deadly technology altogether. They want people to use the smart phones because it allows them a convenient way to absorb their disinformation and it keeps them at a low vibration so they stay in slavery and don’t seek a way out. This keeps the listeners coming back for more programming and the funds rolling in for both the mainstream and the independent media. Both reject orgone energy and orgonite as the solution to health problems caused by EMF. This would make their listeners too happy and healthy to partake of their disinformation.


Suppression of Needed Medicine and Diversion of Needed Goods


Whether coronavirus is a real disease or whether it is a type of flu, there is one simple and easy cure, which has been under fire by the FDA since its discovery. Even the common cold has in fact been cured, but the FDA not only rejects the medicine, but tells us not to take it. When coronavirus first became a major news story, one media outlet after another urged its readers and viewers not to take the medicine which cures the virus and all infectious diseases. Since then, they have repeatedly stated, falsely, that there is no cure for coronavirus.


This cure for all viral and bacterial infections is chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), also known as MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. This oxidizing agent is used to purify tap water and to whiten flour, so people are already consuming it. Jim Humble first started promoting it as a way to cure the body of infectious diseases, and it has been used on all kinds of diseases and people worldwide with amazing results. It is actually a miracle that such an inexpensive and easy cure exists for all infectious diseases. Anyone can make the ingredients for CDS themselves using the instructions on the Genesis2Church’s website (Jim Humble’s company). It is made from combining drops of two solutions, sodium chlorite and either citric acid or hydrochloric acid and then diluting in distilled water. Together, the two components go through a fast chemical reaction which creates chlorine dioxide solution. It tastes like a swimming pool, but it does the job quickly, eliminating a cold or flu in a matter of hours to a few days, depending on the severity of illness and how much it has progressed in the body. If taken as you just begin to feel sick, you can get rid of the illness before it even takes hold.


The media disparagingly refers to CDS as “bleach.” The FDA says using it is the same as drinking chlorine bleach that you would do laundry with. This is not true at all. CDS is a different substance that happens to contain a chlorine atom. It is used to bleach items intended for human consumption and is classified by the EPA as a registered biocide. If the public were aware of CDS as medicine, the media could never have generated a panic about the coronavirus outbreak. CDS can be purchased online, and the two components are often sold separately in order to avoid interference by the FDA, which had made it illegal for CDS to be sold as medicine. Sometimes the two are sold together under the category of “water purification” for the same reason.


Besides the problem of the suppression of the cure, there is also the problem of lack of supplies, adding to the feeling of panic. When I first saw the supermarket shelves empty of toilet paper, I did not think that people had hoarded it. My first thought was that it was not being stocked. I haven’t seen frenzied people hoarding items at all. In fact, people have been calm, friendly, and cordial. I suspected that items were not being stocked. In the small town where I live, it’s impossible to get items that you can still get in the city, such as carrots and garlic. When I was looking for organic eggs, a store employee told me that they weren’t sending the eggs to them. This dispelled any notion that people were hoarding organic eggs. Something is suspicious when supplies aren’t arriving at the stores. Perhaps it is the forced shutdown of industries and lack of staffing, but any way you look at it, goods are being withheld.


As of April, people are not even allowed into the supermarket without wearing a face mask. Every store has its own ideas on how the disease spreads and its own policy on how many people can go in at a time, how to bag your food, and whether returns are allowed or not. Everything being enacted is arbitrary, unlawful, ultimately unenforceable, and is being done to engineer a panic, which many people are not buying into. Since they couldn’t get everyone to don the mask voluntarily, they had to make sure that you at least looked like you were one of the fearful members of the herd. This is all part of the mind control agenda behind this global experiment. They want us all to be the same; obedient, unquestioning, faceless, and living behind the mask of the Collective One.


Keeping Us Quarantined to Create the Illusion


We’re being told to isolate ourselves to avoid spreading coronavirus, but no one has ever told us to take these measures during other epidemics, like ebola. Something very different is going on this time. By keeping us away from each other and telling us not to leave the house, we can’t actually see what is going on in the world. This gives the media a lot of flexibility in their reporting, and lies can be easily believed because no one is out in the world to see the real situation. For example, the media has reported overwhelmed hospitals again and again, but when I’ve actually gone out into the world, I haven’t seen it. I’ve seen a normal amount of cars in hospital parking lots, and no hysterical clamoring for coronavirus testing.


Self-isolation has been the parasitic goal for a long time. They want us to live in a two dimensional, artificial world, dominated by a small, flat screen, living artificial, digital lives. When we’re not exposed to reality, we can be told anything. They are losing their control of the human mind now, due to mass awakenings of consciousness and the realization that they have been lying to us all along to continue their false rule over us. The widespread distribution of orgonite has impaired their DOR-based mind control by neutralizing the signal from the cell phone towers. It has also reduced their food source by making happy, healthy humans, who do not produce nearly the amount of negative energy that they need to thrive. By engineering a panic and keeping us isolated, they can more easily control the information we’re exposed to, and they are counting on us using wifi and smart phones to absorb both the propaganda and the radiation. This combination is ideal for mind control, which is why I am so vehement about the rejection of smart phones and wireless internet.


They Went Too Far, Now We Have to Act


Vigilant Citizen reported on the global experiment of the coronavirus lockdown and the surveillance state associated with it in late March. The article gave numerous examples of how governments and telecommunications companies have been introducing new ways to track us. Anyone who has kept up with our orgone energy work and discoveries in expanding consciousness energetically would know that this has been going on for long before the virus. I have been warning about this for years, and so has the writer for Vigilant Citizen. But unlike him, I have also told people repeatedly that they need to give up the smart phone. It is almost inconceivable to most people in journalism and media that this could be done, even someone with a good intention, as I think this writer has. But a citizen is still a citizen, however vigilant, and I am not a citizen of any country.


Some of the examples in the article include:


  • In China, government-installed CCTV cameras point at the apartment door of those under a 14-day quarantine to ensure they don’t leave. Drones tell people to wear their masks. Digital barcodes on mobile apps highlight the health status of individuals.


  • In Singapore, the government rolled out an app called TraceTogether. It uses Bluetooth signals between cellphones to see if potential carriers of the coronavirus have been in close contact with other people.


  • Over in Hong Kong, some residents were made to wear a wristband which linked to a smartphone app and could alert authorities if a person left their place of quarantine...


  • Meanwhile, Israel’s security agency Shin Bet is using citizens’ cell phone location data to track where they’ve been so they can enforce quarantine controls and monitor the movements of those infected...


  • In the U.S., the government is talking to Facebook, Google and other tech companies about the possibility of using location and movement data from Americans’ smartphones to combat coronavirus.


If one refuses to use a smart phone, these efforts to track and control are of none effect! This is the obvious solution. It also removes the mind control of the smart phone to reduce fear and negativity, and it removes the 5G concerns, as 5G antennas are short range and barely affect the non-users. So getting rid of the smart phone is a sure win.


Artificial intelligence rules the world because people welcome it into their lives and become addicted to DOR so that they can’t give up the electromagnetic poison. The smart phone is a tool of the parasites to control us under a frequency fence and to track our movements. It is farming equipment to induce us to make etheric food for them as they use the signal to manipulate our minds. The real human disease is not coronavirus, but an energetic infection. We are parasitically infected and have entity attachments. This is all done etherically, not biologically, but it ends up affecting us physically as well as mentally. Then they can target thought criminals directly because they know where the user is and they can work with the signal from the energy weapon to control their mind. But people are waking up to the health problems of using EMF emitting devices and this is the first step in waking up to the mind control problems. No one wants to have their mind controlled. But they have to admit it’s happening first.


The other major way the parasites control our minds is through their legal control over us. This is starting to fall away as more people give up their false identity as members of a country. This is much harder to grasp than getting rid of a smart phone. This involves understanding that the government only controls names, not people, and it requires that people take control of those names again by registering them as businesses and no longer giving them life by “being” the person. This new way of living and conducting business requires its own book to explain it, but in a few words, the few of us who have figured this out have already debilitated the government and this will help you too. Taking control of the names away from the government renders them incapable of collecting taxes, requiring registration of anything, or controlling us at all. It takes away their ability to order us to stay in or even to be arrested. More information on this is coming, but for now know that they have already lost their legal control over a few of us, and that is the first step toward their losing control of everyone else. This is the beginning of the end of government power. This is why they have gone haywire over the virus. It is their problem, not ours. They’ve only outsourced it to us to forestall the inevitable.


The Ghost in the Machine – Computer Virus 19


The governments are buying time now. The DMV is closed and driver license renewal deadlines are being extended. Income tax payment deadlines have also been extended. While this may appear as a gesture to help those who are out of work due to the forced closures of businesses, which is illegal by the way, it is in fact a sign of the weakening of the government control over humanity. The government is controlled by the artificial intelligence extra-dimensional entities who have been mining our planet for resources, both physical and energetic, for eons. The amount of orgonite gifted throughout the world has hit critical mass. DOR skies with flat clouds and lingering trails are a thing of the past. The craft can’t even fly anymore on most days. This has been happening since well before coronavirus. In addition, specific hotbeds of parasitic activity have been inundated with OR, especially in California. Most recently, Silicon Valley, the nexus of the AI and home to the tech industry, was thoroughly gifted with orgonite in early September 2019. This was a huge blow to them because they need DOR to live and couldn’t handle the OR rush. We were attacked heavily during this mission, showing how important this DOR stronghold was to them.


Additionally, other invisible warfare against them, done with paper, has been weakening their ability to control the humans. This operation is going on behind the scenes, and people are slowly becoming able to understand it. The parasites have been crippled by their inability to control every single living man and woman on the planet. It’s strange, but losing control of just a few has introduced a “ghost in the machine” to a system not set up to contain names it doesn’t have total control over. The AI now is contending with a computer virus which is disrupting its ability to function. Its database of our names has been manipulated by something from outside of the system and it’s short-circuiting. It seems strange that a few people opting out of the system and controlling their property through names the government doesn’t control would incapacitate it in such a way. The ramping up of COVID-19 hysteria corresponds with the paper battle in the legal realm to deal the government parasites blows they have not yet experienced. They seem to be unable to function properly if they don’t control every single human. They are very afraid now, and that is why they’ve shut everything down. They are buying time and don’t know what to do.


All celebrities and politicians are AI. They give human bodies to it so we accept it as human. There is one story after another of a famous person getting coronavirus. They are especially susceptible to this thing, whatever it actually is. On April 13, Huffington Post reported on New York governor's brother, Chris Cuomo’s coronavirus battle. Regarding the illness and its effects, he said, “It is in my head.” He said that, “This virus creates emotional illness and creates psychological illness.” He’s not ready to go back to work and doesn’t know when he will be again. Perhaps the emotional plague that Wilhelm Reich discovered in humans also applies to AI, only inverted. For us DOR causes it, and for them OR causes it. This is the same reason orgone energy repels parasitic craft in the atmosphere, both the “chemtrail planes” of today and the Ea, or UFOs that Wilhelm Reich fought in the 1950s using his Cloudbuster.


On April 10, we got to see what a celebrity looks like when they are “off” or in “sleep mode.” At a photo shoot for InStyle Magazine’s May cover, Lady Gaga, who was recently portrayed as an actual robot on the cover of Paper Magazine, had to be carried onto the set, and her body was rigid like a mannequin. The magazine posted a video of this happening on their Instagram page, but later removed it as the news caught on to the story. The screenshots that were saved showed her to look completely inert, like a dummy or robot turned off. The stiff, sitting position as an assistant carried it onto the set was not something a human could have been physically capable of achieving. Its arms were set across its chest like a corpse. If images like this are getting out to the public, then they are also happening behind the scenes. AI is having some technical issues right now. That is what COVID-19, or computervirus, actually is.

lada gaga inert.jpg

Lady Gaga inert...

lada gaga robot.jpg

... and as a robot

Economic and Societal Shift, Humanity Split


The government and media have created a fake panic to control our movements and stop our businesses. But they don’t actually benefit from us not working. They need us working in order to give value to the dollar, which has no intrinsic value. We work for something with no value! How about that for stealing our labor? That would be called slavery. The only thing anyone under the current economic system has any control over is their labor. Without our labor, the parasites cannot function and they can’t collect any of our property. The economic system and their etheric mining of human negativity can’t work without you, your labor, and your life. They have already lost control of a few humans, and now they are totally short-circuiting. The wheels have been set in motion for their downfall. Ultimately they are not in control here. Forces far above them have taken over. This is what we call God, Great Spirit, cosmic orgone energy, and life. The parasitic system runs on what we call satan, DOR, negative energy, and death. Once again, the answer to ending the madness is to return to God, our source, and to use orgone energy, the energy of life, to survive and to kill the parasites.


Many businesses will close down permanently as a result of the lockdown. People will find new ways of getting by, spending less and less on restaurants and travel, and cooking their own meals. This is already happening. People are spending more time walking and hiking, two of the only activities permitted outside of the house by new societal rules. People are getting healthier, getting more rest, and becoming more clear-headed as a result of the quarantine. We are learning to get by on less and be less materialistic, without having to live poor. The parasites always go too far and it backfires. OR always wins over DOR. This was proven by our work in the environment, neutralizing thousands of DOR sources in the west and restoring natural weather. It works the same way on the human mind. Chris Cuomo’s reaction to computervirus was that it was messing with his mind. You can see how using OR from orgonite right back at them hurts them the way DOR from smart phones hurts us.


We will see more of a return to simple living and gaining new skills in which we become more productive and less dependent on corporations. We’ll barter more and depend on the dollar less. Our trade won’t be tracked or accounted for. The computer virus has caused chaos in the economic and legal system which we have become dependent on. It never served us well to begin with, but now it is ceasing to even function. People can’t earn dollars or spend dollars right now. The dollar cannot retain its wealth under these circumstances. The housing market was already out of control, but now we are seeing 31 percent of renters unable to pay their April rent on time because of lack of work. Yet it all looks engineered. Why would the parasites engineer their own demise? The answer is that they didn’t. This is a massive correction brought on by forces beyond the corporate world. The virus is the straw that broke the camel’s back.


This is why the coronavirus or computervirus is actually a blessing. It is the demise of a system that doesn’t work and is providing an opportunity to do things better. Nothing on Earth has been lost. We’re not exactly excelling here, but we have not reached the point of no return by a long shot. Whatever happens in the economy and however messy things may look on paper, the real world around us has not deteriorated. Power will just be restored to the humans, instead of us being controlled by AI. This will not be a peaceful transition, however, and we need to be brave. World War III is happening right now, but it’s invisible. There is an energetic shift occurring for those who can see it. Most will descend as a result of fear, thick-headedness, and the desire to be in control. There won’t be a mass-ascension because the mind has to be freed first and this happens one at a time.


Computer Virus 19 is a crisis for the parasites which has been outsourced to us. It is named for what it is, a debilitating blow dealt to the parasitic power structure in 2019, which has shorted out their control grid. We just need to ride this out and see what kind of a society we’re left with after this all blows over. Better get your mind in the right place now and admit the level to which you’ve been lied to and controlled if you don’t want to fall into negativity and despair. This is not the time to beg the government for help. They won’t do that and it’s not their job. This is the time to stop supporting them, stop believing in mainstream or alt media hype, reject the energy weapon, gift orgonite, find the medicine, and start living a natural life. They are out of control and in a disoriented state. What’s to fear? God is in control, the kingdom is being restored, and the parasitic lockdown is their panic attack and last ditch effort to retain their grasp on humanity.

face masks.jpg
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