Welcome to The Chembow, home to

weather warriors in California and

beyond, raising consciousness while

cleaning the atmosphere and neutralizing  EMF with orgone energy.

Please click here to visit our orgonite shop. All items are handmade and your purchase helps support our gifting and educational work. Thank you!

Please visit my blog:
Somewhere Under the Chembow

for updates on the Weather War, orgone

achievements in California & beyond.


Check out my Vimeo page:


for orgonite making workshop & more.

Our radio show, The Human Frequency

is archived at YouTube.com/TheHumanFrequency

Contribute to our cause! Your donations go toward our orgonite gifting, and are gratefully accepted. To donate by check, please contact us for details. Thank you!

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© 2019 by The Chembow: Weather Warriors Worldwide!

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