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I have been photographing the sky since March 2013. This began as a daily blogging exercise to document the geoegineering in Los Angeles. When I first began, I did not realize that we had the tools to combat geoengineering, but felt compelled to record what I thought would be the gradual destruction of our Earth and the eventual death of all life.

In April 2014, Team Chembow began making orgonite and gifting it to the city and state, and by now we have distributed thousands of pieces across the western US. The weather changes since this time have been remarkable.  Based on photographs from before we started our work, we have learned that there were others with orgonite in LA before us, but we did not understand that we were seeing the effects of orgone energy on the sky and weather until we began working with it ourselves. Working with orgone energy has explained a lot about the strange skies we were seeing even before we began our work, and has alleviated the fear that all of this was being "done to us." Once you see that there is a push back against geoengineering, you realize that weather warriors have been responsible for the clean-ups we see of the air pollution and DOR clouds, as Wilhelm Reich called them. The parasites running these destructive programs are not all powerful. Many of the strange skies are the result of geo-restoration.

Energetic Warfare in California

Here are examples of skies where DOR dominates over OR. The pollution and flattened clouds are a result of bombardment by deadly energy from cell towers, antenna arrays, and wireless signals acting on air pollution and natural clouds. Without these positively ionizing energies present, pollution would not be able to persist and healthy clouds could form.


Click on photos for larger view and descriptions.


Orgone Energy Transmuting DOR, Restoring Natural Skies

It is important to understand that not everything we see in the sky is a threat. Once we become aware of the chemtrails, the initial reaction is often fear or anger, neither of which accomplish anything. For many years, there have been individuals fighting back through the use of orgone energy. When one understands how it looks when chemtrails are removed from the sky and the deadly energy is neutralized, it becomes obvious that whatever these pollutants are no longer represents a danger in areas where orgonite has been deployed. Many people are troubled when they see chemtrails, even if they are being cleaned. These programs, which are artificial intelligence, are running around the clock and there are no days off, so one may expect to see some DOR clouds much of the time. Therefore, people must take responsibility by both eliminating the harmful technologies which contribute to this problem (their own wireless devices), and also by making or buying orgonite and distributing it to their communities and other afflicted areas.


Click on images of weather warfare in action and descriptions of how OR works against DOR.



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